Friday, January 21, 2011

Feline Friday ~ Lizzy's Story

I got an e-mail early this week from a very sweet gal who had a cat show up at her house during our snowstorm last week.  The kitty wouldn't leave so she generously took it in & cared for it even though she already has 5 other cats.  She knew she couldn't keep her, & knowing me & my foster experience through my Etsy Shop & Blog, she asked me for help, and sent along this picture :)How could I say "no" to that sweet face
We met at my vet's building yesterday morning.  She is the nicest woman & "Lizzy" is the sweetest kitty!  She got an exam & vaccs & her tests came out negative (yay).  The vet said she looked to be about a year old & quite healthy.  Took her back in to be spayed this morning & all went well.  She did have roundworms but was treated with a "single dose" med that should take care of those & any other parasites she may have. 
Picking her up this afternoon & will be glad to have her safe in my "foster guest room" where she can rest & feel safe, warm & cozy. 
Planning to foster her for a few more weeks & then hope to find her a new home or get her adopted out from the Humane Society.  If anyone in KANSAS is looking for a gentle, loving, sweetheart of a kitty, I have the purrfect one here!

Have a happy weekend!  xoxox


Wonderland Papers said...

The picture is just heart wrenching! It was so awesome that you took her in and got her the care that she needed. Saying kudos doesn't seem like enough credit!

I really hope the little sweetie finds a forever home soon!

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, Lizzy is beautiful! Thank you for getting her checked out and taking her in until she finds her forever home. :)

Deb said...

Best of luck in finding a home. There is someone out there that will love her. Thanks for taking her in. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

Janine said...

Your little snow angel is too cute.
It is so good of you to look after her. I hope you find a good home for her

Vicky said...

Lizzy's beautiful Thank you so much for helping her.