Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finally some New Fosters!

Adorable Little Triplets!
Went & picked up these cuties at the KS Humane Society yesterday.  They are 6 week old fluffy brown tabbies sweet as can be!

I'm fostering them until they are big enough to be altered & also working on socializing them as they are still shy & skiddish around people (see the picture below). They're already warming up to me though.  They are VERY playful, eating well & using the litter box faithfully - yay!

No names yet ~ need to come up with 3 cute ones (2 girls & a boy)!  Any suggestions? 
This bunch is SO adorable ~ kind of hard to tell them apart though!  I'm excited to have little furballs in the foster room again ~ it's been a while since we've heard the pitter patter of little paws around here.

Happy Purrsday to you all!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pressies for Me!

 I treated myself to a couple of new presents this past week! Got this cute vase yesterday at Two Attics Antiques ~ a shop I visit every 6 weeks when I drop our dog Koda off at the groomers nearby.  I'd been eyeing it for several months & finally decided if it was still there the next time I went, I was getting it!  Well, it was & I DID!  I love it ~ even though the cat looks kinda like a dog.
 Also found this adorable wool hooked pillow that looks awesome on our bed!  And Zoolou seems to approve.  Of course she's thinking to herself how much prettier she is than that wool cat!
I love wool hooked pillows ~ especially Laura Megroz designs.  I have a few of her chair pads & pillows ~ so cute!

Working on some sketches for my next painting right now.  Not sure what it will be but I'm thinking SPRING FLOWERS!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Showers & Polka-Dot Umbrellas

CATS with polka-dot UMBRELLAS! 

At least in this painting it does!
In honor of our recent (& much needed) rain storms we've had here in Kansas I painted this sweet kitty in her wellies, rain hat & cute polka-dot umbrella, which she cleverly holds with her tail.  I added pink polka-dots around the sides for more fun!  I love how it turned out.  It would look so SWEET in a little girl's room!
I love the rain.  Painting in my studio with a mug of coffee, Irish music cds playing, cats dozing nearby & the sound of rain on the roof is one of my favorite things!

"Ready for the Rain" is up for grabs on Ebay ~ click HERE for a peek!

Happy Wednesday & stay dry!