Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keep an Eye on Your Cupcakes!

Excited to finish this sweet little Halloween painting!
I'm SO ready for FALL & COOL weather & all the holidays that are coming up!
More paintings & projects are in the works so check back!
In the meantime - "Cupcakes for Halloween" is now up for grabs on EBAY.
Just click right HERE!
Have a "sweet-as-a-cupcake" day!

Friday, September 6, 2013

My Summer Project & now - PRINTS!

Prints now available HERE!
This St. Francis painting was the FUN project I worked on over the summer!
It's a LOGO I was asked to create for a wonderful organization in Florida called the "St. Francis Ministry for Animals".  This AMAZING group of volunteers does many great things to help animals in need in their area including food drives, finding homes & giving care.
I was excited to be asked to design a logo for such a great ministry!
Since the group is in Florida, the logo has a tropical theme with foliage, a bird-of-paradise flower & an egret in the background.  St. Francis holds a sweet kitten & puppy!  The bold, rich colors will brighten up any room!
As a way for me to continue to help the ministry, I'm offering PRINTS of the painting in my Etsy Shop & 50% of all purchases will be donated to them!
Buy a print & help the animals! (Click on the link under the picture above)
To read more about the St. Francis Ministry for Animals, visit their Facebook page HERE!

Have an awesome weekend!   Purrrsss.......