Monday, January 30, 2012

Frida & her Furry Friend

I was in the mood to paint FRIDA last weekend!
She is such a FUN subject! 
This is another version of a painting I did a few years ago (below).
I wanted this one to be RED & TURQUOISE!
Of course she still has her CAT!
"Frida & Her Furry Friend" is available right now on Ebay.  Just click HERE!
Prints of the other painting are available in my Etsy Shop

Hope you're having a purrrfectly wonderful Monday!  meow

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Purrfect Valentine

Valentine's Day is coming soon!
Just listed this sweet little 5x5 painting "Be Mine" on Ebay.
Miss Vivian is trimmed in a pretty bow & ready to be your sweetheart!
Did you notice the black patches on her coat are heart-shaped?
purrs & kisses...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Warm Winter's Nap

This tabby has the right idea!
When it's COLD & SNOWY outside ~ find a nice warm bed with cushy pillows & curl up for a long winter's nap!  You can always enjoy the view from the window!

This sweet 8 x 8 painting is up for grabs on Ebay right now!
Check it out HERE!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Guest Room Makeover!

Inspiration Room & My Take on it

These photos are the main reason I didn't get many Fall or Christmas art projects done this year!
My oldest daughter graduated from high school & moved out so I had a fun new GUEST ROOM to create!  (& I wanted to finish it before company came for Chrismas!)  My sister had given me the bedroom photo on the left (she definitely knows my taste) & I carried it around for a few years vowing to someday model a room after it.  I finally got my chance & went to town!
I did find an awesome iron bed but it was after I found this great antique oak bed so the iron bed went in the other guest room.  I tried to go as inexpensive as I could on the furnishings & think I did pretty well.  The bedding came from Target & Walmart, my talented sis made me the green & white Irish quilt, the snowflake pillow is from Tuesday Morning & I made the 2 small green leaf pillows.  The furniture is all from Craigslist or local antique shops.  The pretty plates above the bed are from Etsy & the rest of the furnishings I either had already or bought cheap.  I did splurge on the adorable wool hooked CAT pillow from Chandler 4 Corners!  LOVE Laura Megroz's designs!  One of the lamps I ordered went on backorder so I'm still waiting for it. 
It was SO FUN making up this room & putting it to use when all my family was here for Christmas weekend!

Here are a few additional photos of the room:

I even found red NOEL letters like in the photo!

You can't see them very well but I have CUTE set of embroidered towels hanging on the black painted shutter against the wall & there's also the coolest CAT rug on the floor I got from Urban Outfitters!  I'll post pictures of them on my next post ~ along with my other guest room I made over.  This one is already long enough!  :)
Just wanted to show off my new room!  I should've taken a "before" picture ~ this is a FAR CRY from my daughter's..... ummm..... dump heap!
HAPPY HAPPY MONDAY!  (as happy as Monday's can be)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year - New Painting!

Winter Saint Francis & Cat

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a houseful of people here for the weekend & it was awesome!  Time spent with FAMILY is the most special thing of all during the holidays!

Well, the festivities are over, the candy & cookies are all gone, the decorations are coming down & now it's TIME TO PAINT!  I decided to do a "winter themed" St. Francis with a snowy white kitty this time.  This new original painting is available NOW on Ebay ~ Just click HERE!

Wishing you a blessed New Year full of JOY & PEACE!
xoxox  meow