Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Triple Good Mews!



Just a quick post to spread the good mews!
My sweet fosters Charlie, Erma & Wally ALL 3 were adopted last weekend!  YIPPEEE!
I had just taken Erma & Wally back to the Humane Society last Thursday after they finally recovered from their colds & a mere 3 days later they have a new home!  I LOVE it when that happens!  That just made my weekend!  And I'm not 100% sure but I think my other 2 former fosters, Clarence & Muffin, who have been placed in our Petsmart, have also been adopted.  They aren't on the "Available" page anymore so I'm waiting to see if they show up on the "Adopted" page soon.  Keeping my fingers crossed!
YAY for my babies & their furever new homes!!!

Working on my new Frida Halloween painting today & should have a photo later tonight or tomorrow.
Check back!  Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sketch for a New Frida Painting!

Well ~ SCHOOL has started & that means the craziness has begun!  It also means less time for blogging so that's my excuse this week for the lack of posts.  Not to dwell on that though...

 I managed to get a rough sketch done today of a new FRIDA painting I want to do for Halloween!  I can't wait to get this on canvas & color it up all spooky looking!  Unfortunately it'll probably have to wait until Sunday but for a good (and FUN) reason!  It's our ANNUAL GIRL'S WEEKEND & I'll be busy having an awesome time with my mom, sissies & niece! We have a theme every year & this year it's FRIGHT NIGHT!  Lots of scary stuff will be goin' on!  Can't wait!

On the FOSTER front ~ I'm so happy to report that Chia, one of my former fosters, was adopted last week! YAY!  I took Clarence & Muffin back last week since they were healthy again & tomorrow I take back Erma & Wally.  I had to keep them a little longer since they weren't quite well but now they're good as new. I'm sure going to miss those sweethearts!

Hope you're having a great week & now I'm going to go catch up on all YOUR lovely blogs!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Feline Friday~Getting Even!

Zoolou:  "I'll show that dog he can't treat me like a couch cushion!
I'll help myself to his dog food!"

(You may remember this picture I posted a while back)

Zoolou wasn't going to take that lying down!

Here she is trying out my new antique chair I got last week, which I LOVE by the way! I actually got 2 of them ~ the other has a slightly different back. They are now gracing our entryway.  I want to get an old vintage table to put inbetween them!

Taking my foster babies back for a check this afternoon.  Clarence & Muffin will probably stay since they are completely over their illness but I'll probably bring Wally back home.  He started coughing & sneezing again yesterday - ugh.  And I might keep Erma home with him too so he won't be by himself.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Commission Complete!

St. Francis & Friends

FINALLY  the commission I've been working on (for what feels like forever) is finished!
My client is overjoyed with it so I'm happy!  She wanted St. Francis, fall colors, sunflowers, 2 Great Pyrenees puppies & a bluebird. What? No CATS???  heehee.

I'm so excited this painting will be hanging in a brand new baby's nursery!
And his name just happens to be Francesco!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Sight for Sore Eyes!

Breakfast Buffet!
Saturday morning I walked into the kittens' room & was SO EXCITED when ALL 4 of them jumped off the bed & came running over to eat breakfast!  I almost cried I was so happy.  I can't tell you how great it felt watching them fill their little tummies with food & water after a week & a half of trying to get them to eat! I got to the point where I wondered if they would ever get better but they are happy, playful kitties now! They were all put on antibiotics last week & after a couple days it seemed to do the trick.  They're all feeling so much better & I can finally relax & quit worrying about them.  And YAY~no more syringe feeding!  That was NOT fun!

Just wanted to give an update. 
And I FINALLY finished my commission painting!  Whew!  I'll post a pic of it later.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Feline Friday - Playing Nurse Maid

Muffin ~ the healthiest of the bunch
Wally~still not feeling up to snuff

Clarence~the tiniest
Erma~finally eating again & feeling a little better

Oh the joys of fostering!
I'm behind on painting, blogging, housework & pretty much everything else since my 4-legged furballs moved in!  This past week has been a roller coaster ride with my 4 foster babies.  When one gets better, another gets worse, when one starts eating again, another stops & so on & so on.  I've been running back & forth to the shelter clinic with 1, 2 or 3 kitties for sub-q fluids, sitting in steamy bathrooms with them, syringe feeding when they won't eat & giving meds & nosedrops. This is the first time I've had really sick babies & it is NO fun at all!  I feel so bad for them.  It's just so hard to see them stuffed up & feeling so miserable.  I'm used to romping & playing & snarfing food & kitty scratches.  Now I'm thrilled just to see them eating!

Muffin, the long-legged gray girl is my only healthy one.  She's still sneezing a little but other than that she eats like a pig & plays nonstop! She's really been enjoying trying out all the different foods I've been offering the other 3 trying to get them to eat. She's getting the "Kitty Buffet" 3 times a day - ha!

Hopefully my 3 sickos will be on the rebound soon.  It's been a week & a half & I think they've gone through the worst of it.  Next time around if I'm bringing home sick kitties I think I'll just take 2.  Having 4 sick ones at a time is almost more than I can handle.  They are such sweethearts though! Even after I've stuck 3 syringes in their mouth they come right over & curl up on my lap!

I'm still working on my commissioned painting (between kitten care shifts) & then I can't wait to get started on some Fall & Halloween creations!  My FAVORITE time of year is almost here!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Feline Friday~New Foster Babies

Muffin (left) & Clarence (right)

Happy Friday to all!  Meet my new babies:

Wally, Muffin, Clarence & Erma

The camera battery died before I got a picture of Erma so I'll get a pic of her up later. These babies all have kitty colds so there's lots of sniffing & sneezing going on. 

Clarence & Erma were roomates at the shelter & Wally & Muffin were roomies.  When I first brought them home Wally hissed at poor Clarence & Erma making it clear he wasn't interested in making new friends.  Erma just kept her distance but Clarence hissed right back!  It was so funny because Clarence is half the size of Wally but wasn't intimidated at all!

Just as I suspected they all adjusted & the very next day I saw Clarence & Wally curled up together napping.  Awww...

I've been working on a commission all week & it's taking me a lot longer than I anticipated.  Mainly because I keep changing my mind on colors!  I'm horrible at predicting good color schemes in my paintings.  Maybe I should start taking my sketches & photoshopping different colors in first to see what would look good.  Nawww...too much trouble.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Extra Fluffy Pillow!

"Cat?  I don't see any cat!"

Just wanted to share this funny photo with you.  I think it's hilarious!
I guess Koda thought he needed a little extra cushioning for his pillow.  Funny thing is, Zoolou didn't seem to mind!  I think cats like to be all smushed up sometimes.  Still, most cats wouldn't want a 90 lb. dog laying on top of them!

This week I'm working on a new commision ~ a BIG 16x20 painting of St. Francis, 2 Great Pyrenees puppies & a bluebird!  It's for the customer's nursery.  I'm not used to working on such a large scale or painting dogs but I think it'll be fun.  Hopefully I can also work in some other little projects here & there.