Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adventures of Rescuing a Kitten!

St. Francis protect my rescued kitty!
Oh my, what a crazy, draining day I've had! This morning I decided to run to Walmart to get a few things (I usually try to avoid Walmart because I never think I'm going to get out of the parking lot alive) & as I was walking thru the lot I heard the unmistakable mewing of a kitten. Another lady heard it as well & walked with me until we figured out the truck it was coming from. Once she learned it wasn't a baby she left. I discovered the kitten under the truck huddled UP IN THE CARRIAGE PART underneath the truck bed. Of course the more I tried to reach it the more it backed away. I couldn't leave it there, nor could I let the owner of the truck come out & drive off with it still there so I waited... and I waited... & finally got hold of 2 legs & pulled him out! I was almost to my car when the kitty panicked & almost scrambled away but I held tight & got him in the car. My first thought was to go home & put him in a cat carrier & then get him to the animal shelter but I decided to just go on to the shelter & let the employees there handle him safely.

Well, I got to the shelter & called inside so someone could come out to the lot but no one answered the phone so I left the car running with the a/c & went inside. After waiting my turn an employee came out to my car with gloves & a carrier only to find the kitty had crawled up inside the dashboard of my van! We could hear him but couldn't see him at all & there was nothing more he could do. He did give me a can of food to try & lure the kitty out but after waiting an hour in the car the kitten didn't budge. I went back inside & talked to a different person (she was no help at all) then found a nice man who suggested I rent a trap, go home & just wait him out. Well, they take only cash deposits for the traps ($40) & I only had $20 so I just left & went home. He did tell me the kitty couldn't get up into the engine because there is a fire wall. I drove home very slow, pulled into the garage, put some tuna out for bait & waited again... and waited... and waited. Finally he crawled down from inside the dashboard & gobbled up the tuna. I didn't want to grab him right away because I knew he was probably hungry & I wanted to let him eat but I should have because when I reached for him he bolted to the back of the van & out a side door. Good grief! The poor thing was so scared & I just wished so bad that he would realize I was trying to help him! I made sure to close all the van doors so he couldn't get back in & then searched the entire garage, under things, behind things, inside things, & couldn't find him anywhere. Now I was in tears. It was hot, I was tired & hadn't eaten & so worried about this poor sweet kitty who I knew was terrified. My daughter came out & helped me look & she is the one who finally found her crouched in the corner of the garage behind a refrigerator & 2 boxes. It just broke my heart. We managed to move the frig (which made a hideous sound) & the boxes & once again I missed the grab. Kitty ran under the frig this time. I just kept moving the frig around until he finally ran out & at last I managed to grab him & get him in the carrier my daughter had ready! After 5 hours, success at last!

I drove kitty back to the shelter, filled out the forms & asked the question I dreaded: So what's going to happen to him now? The nice man was there still & he told me since kitty bit & scratched me (he got me good right on my thumbnail & it's still throbbing) they have to keep him quarantined for 10 days to watch for illness & then they'll decide if he'll go next door to the humane society for a chance at adoption. I'm hoping & praying that he'll get that chance! After all he's been through he has to!

I named him (or her) Francis after St. Francis of Assisi. If he's a "she" it can be Frances. I normally feel very good after I rescue a cat or dog but for some reason right now I just feel sad. I keep thinking how frightened kitty must be. I'm sure he had a rough ride under that truck for who knows how long & I wonder if he left behind his mama & siblings. I know I should be happy because he's safe now with food, water a litter box & vet care so I'm trying to think positive. I have to believe God made it so I would walk thru that parking lot at the right time to find him because He knew I would stop & help.

Thanks to all you cat lovers who took the time to read this story. (I tend to ramble with too many details) but I wanted to share. Please say a prayer for this sweet kitty that he stays healthy & finds a forever home!!! PURRS & THANKS ~ Jill

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Painting~New Idea

I decided to try something new for my next painting. I've always wanted to do a calico made entirely out of pretty collage papers (& a few painted details). This is my first effort but I'd like to try another one & do a few things differently. Live & learn. "Calico Collage" is available on ebay right now!

It's HOT today. Supposed to be hot tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day... ugh.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Beautiful Plaza between the 2 buildings
Cool stone columns

My daughter Kayla reading the quotes on the plaques

A multi-cat Kitty City. Note the privacy wall for the litter box!

Individual Kitty Condo

Taz, a 23 pound tubby tabby. I WANTED HIM!

Another Kitty Condo

Part of 1 of our multi-cat Kitty Cities

Cute dog in his bandana

I LOVE LOVE LOVE our new Kansas Humane Society facility!!! (it's official name is the Murfin Animal Care Campus) Omigosh my daughter & I went to the grand opening this morning & it is so unbelievably AMAZING! I can't even describe how impressed I was with every aspect of it! It's so bright & cheery, colorful, welcoming, filled with daylight windows, clean, comfortable, relaxing ~ I could just go on & on! I was so happy I actually got teary-eyed!

The accomodations for the cats & dogs are just wonderful & even better than I'd imagined. No more cages!!! We now have "Kitty Cities" (2 of them) ~ large living room type areas that can hold up to 15 cats. They have all kinds of climbing structures, window beds, & even colorful built-in privacy screens for their litter boxes - ha! We also have several Kitty Condos ~ smaller rooms for 1 or 2 cats which also have their own climbing structures, beds, etc. The kitties all seemed so happy & playful in their new "temporary" homes! I love how they made all the rooms with high ceilings so they could climb as we all know they love to do! No more dark, small cages with only 1 open side. This place is the Ritz Carlton for cats! Our doggies have awesome quarters too. They have large rooms & each has a Kuranda bed. They had all the dogs wearing colorful bandanas & they looked so cute!

We spent close to an hour just looking around & I swear it didn't even feel like we were in an animal shelter at all. It was almost like touring a museum & looking at exhibits. We only heard 1 dog bark (just once) the entire time! They have classical music piped in through the whole building to relax the animals. I don't think there's anything they didn't think of!

I am SO happy for our Wichita animals!!! And I'm so proud of our community because this multi-million dollar facility was completely funded by donations & all the construction was done by local companies! The guys at our Wichita Big Dog Motorcycles built all the climbing structures! And it's not just 1 building but 2 ~ 1 is our City Shelter buildling where lost or stray animals go first & stay for 3 days & the other is our Adoption Center/Learning Facility/Store, etc. There is a beautiful plaza connecting the 2 buildings with quote plaques, mosaics, pictures, flowers. I took tons of pictures so you can see this magnificent place for yourself! I can't wait to start volunteering but darn it, the next orientation session is full so I have to wait another month! That's a good sign though.

I just had to share all this with you. My hope is that cities all over the world will follow our lead & we'll see more of these amazing buildings popping up everywhere! Come & visit our website to see pictures, videos, etc. right here!

This is our dream come true!!! Hurray for Wichita!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Queen of the Mattress!

We got a new mattress last weekend & when it was delivered guess who had to be in the middle of everything? Miss Busybody Zoolou! We had our old mattress propped up against the stairs & in no time she climbed up the side of it & perched there like a queen on her throne. I wish I'd zoomed out a little more so you could see how high she was ~ it was a kingsize mattress! That's my girl, always having to be the center of attention! Purrs...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My "Inspiration" Room!

The Carolina Jessamine Cottage in Pine Mountain, GA

I saw this bedroom on one of my favorite websites, My Home Ideas & fell in love with it! We're in the process of redoing our master bedroom & I've decided to model it after this one. I really like the whole nature/botanical theme with the greens & chocolate brown. It's so relaxing & calming. And don't you just LOVE that headboard??? It actually has carved birds on it! The beautiful pillows are from Lacefield Designs. Check out their website ~ they have the neatest stuff!

We're hoping to get our room painted this weekend & then get the rest of it put together when we can. I'm planning to get new curtains, pillows & a rug. I already have my wonderful cream colored quilt I got a few years ago in Weston, MO. I wish I could afford those cute birdy pillows! I think they're about a couple hundred each - ha. Oh well, maybe I can find some fabric & make my own!

I'll have to take before & after pictures of our bedroom & post them. It may be a while for the after one though! You can see the rest of the house (Carolina Jessamine Cottage) this room is in on My Home Ideas too. They are all so ME! I wish that could be my summer house! Sighhhh....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Frida and her Calico!

Happy Friday everybody!

I finished my Frida painting last night & here she is! I thought I would paint her with a calico this time since the colors seemed to compliment so well. I also decided to do a lot of flat color & no bold outlines. I think she looks very pretty & tropical! Frida & her Calico is available on ebay right now so check it out!
What's everyone up to this weekend? I just read in our paper this morning that they're beginning to transport all the animals to our brand new Humane Society! I'm so excited! I plan to be there on the 22nd for the official ribbon cutting & open house! That reminds me, I still need to get signed up for my volunteer training session before the next one gets filled up! Maybe I'll do that right now!
Have an absolutely purrrfect weekend! Hugs!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Foster Kitties!

These 2 cuties aren't my foster babies but they're my next door neighbor's & I'm kitty-sitting them while she's out of town this week. Boy was it hard getting a good picture of them! I've been spending an hour to an hour & a half with them 3 times a day & they just rumble, tumble & play the entire time! They never seem to run out of that kitten energy! It's so fun to watch them. I read a quote somewhere that said something like "One can't help but smile when watching kittens play!"

My neighbor is keeping the calico (Coco) & would like to keep the gray one too but isn't sure if she can. I HOPE she can! They are brother & sister & such good buddies!

I'm finishing up a new Frida painting today & will have it listed on ebay tomorrow evening. I'll post a picture here too!

Happy Thursday! Hugs & Purrs!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Pillows!

I bought an old tablecloth at an antique store several weeks ago (really cheap) & knew right away I wanted to make pillows out of it. I loved the bright old fashioned flowers on it & thought it would brighten up our dull couch.

I finally got the sewing machine dusted off last weekend & thought I'd whip them up in an hour or 2. After all, it's just a quick pinning, sewing a few straight seams, stuffing the pillow form in & stitching them closed right? Well, I sewed 3 sides of the first pillow before I turned the material over & realized the other side was a big mess of tangled thread! It took me a while before I figured out my "thread tension" knob had gotten moved & was set on 0! I had to rip out all the seams & then was not in the mood to mess with it anymore that day so started up again the next day. Got the first pillow done but when I began stuffing in the pillow form I realized I hadn't left a big enough opening so it was on to more seam ripping & fixing. Ugh. The 2nd pillow went more smoothly but halfway through I ran out of bobbin thread. I hate when that happens! Last night I finished hand stitching them both closed & it was all I could do to keep Zoolou from attacking the thread as I pulled it in & out! Anyway, they are all done now & looking bright & happy on my boring couch. Zoolou tried one out for size & seemed to approve - ha!

My next door neighbor is fostering 2 kittens right now & I get to kittysit them while she's out of town this week. They are so adorable & just romp & play & do all those cute kitty things! I'll have to take some pictures & post them.

Hope you're all having a great Monday!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally ~ A New Painting!

My 2 furballs keeping me company in my studio!

Happy Friday all!

Here is my latest kitty creation entitled "Mug Warmer". I had a completely different color scheme in mind when I started this (blues & browns) but somehow it ended up with these bright colors. I also intended to leave off the black outlines but forgot halfway through so it doesn't have as soft a look as I'd like but I'm still happy with it & like how it turned out! This cute painting is up for grabs right now on ebay!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend & get to do something fun!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blooms & Bunnies

Purple poppy mallow taking over!

Day lilies

Bunny nest!

Rose bush I planted in honor of our kitties in Heaven.

Everything's coming up roses! And begonias & day lilies & purple poppy mallow too! Our yard is looking quite colorful these days. I love spring flowers ~ so cheery & bright. I took a landscaping class several years ago & it was all about native Kansas plants. I figured maybe I wouldn't kill plants that grow wild by themselves so I bought some purple poppy mallow, day lily & evening primrose. The primrose only bloom at night (darn, didn't think about that) but the day lilies have grown leaps & bounds & the poppies will spread across the entire yard if I let them! Love those no maintenance plants!

We may have a new family in the yard soon! Our resident yard bunny (my son named Basil) has been busy digging a nest in the middle of our front yard. I saw her working on it last weekend but hadn't seen any progress since ~ until today, when I noticed more dry grass piled up & then saw her back working on it. If I find baby bunnies I'll have to put some kind of markers around it so we won't mow over it. I know the mother will only come & feed them for about 5 minutes during the night & then leave them alone so as not to attract predators. They stay in the nest for about 3 weeks & then hop off on their own. We'll have a funny little patch of grass in the yard for a while but that's ok! I'm looking forward to seeing the cute little babies!

We had a great time with our Kansas City friends these past 6 days! Lots of shopping, movies, eating & girl talk! Tomorrow I FINALLY get to paint!