Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My "Inspiration" Room!

The Carolina Jessamine Cottage in Pine Mountain, GA

I saw this bedroom on one of my favorite websites, My Home Ideas & fell in love with it! We're in the process of redoing our master bedroom & I've decided to model it after this one. I really like the whole nature/botanical theme with the greens & chocolate brown. It's so relaxing & calming. And don't you just LOVE that headboard??? It actually has carved birds on it! The beautiful pillows are from Lacefield Designs. Check out their website ~ they have the neatest stuff!

We're hoping to get our room painted this weekend & then get the rest of it put together when we can. I'm planning to get new curtains, pillows & a rug. I already have my wonderful cream colored quilt I got a few years ago in Weston, MO. I wish I could afford those cute birdy pillows! I think they're about a couple hundred each - ha. Oh well, maybe I can find some fabric & make my own!

I'll have to take before & after pictures of our bedroom & post them. It may be a while for the after one though! You can see the rest of the house (Carolina Jessamine Cottage) this room is in on My Home Ideas too. They are all so ME! I wish that could be my summer house! Sighhhh....

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Ale said...

I like this place! This room is beatifull!