Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blooms & Bunnies

Purple poppy mallow taking over!

Day lilies

Bunny nest!

Rose bush I planted in honor of our kitties in Heaven.

Everything's coming up roses! And begonias & day lilies & purple poppy mallow too! Our yard is looking quite colorful these days. I love spring flowers ~ so cheery & bright. I took a landscaping class several years ago & it was all about native Kansas plants. I figured maybe I wouldn't kill plants that grow wild by themselves so I bought some purple poppy mallow, day lily & evening primrose. The primrose only bloom at night (darn, didn't think about that) but the day lilies have grown leaps & bounds & the poppies will spread across the entire yard if I let them! Love those no maintenance plants!

We may have a new family in the yard soon! Our resident yard bunny (my son named Basil) has been busy digging a nest in the middle of our front yard. I saw her working on it last weekend but hadn't seen any progress since ~ until today, when I noticed more dry grass piled up & then saw her back working on it. If I find baby bunnies I'll have to put some kind of markers around it so we won't mow over it. I know the mother will only come & feed them for about 5 minutes during the night & then leave them alone so as not to attract predators. They stay in the nest for about 3 weeks & then hop off on their own. We'll have a funny little patch of grass in the yard for a while but that's ok! I'm looking forward to seeing the cute little babies!

We had a great time with our Kansas City friends these past 6 days! Lots of shopping, movies, eating & girl talk! Tomorrow I FINALLY get to paint!

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