Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our New Kansas Humane Society!

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend.

I'm getting really excited about our new humane society set to open for business on June 22 next month! Our current facility has been in sad shape for a long time but thanks to many generous, caring people in our community we have a brand new building! It is said to be a "state-of-the-art facility soon to be a model for animal organizations across the nation." It will have a medical clinic with 2 full-time veterinarians & their teams, a behavior assessment area, natural settings for adoptable animals including canine apartments, kitty condos & cat community rooms. No rows of cages! (except for maybe ill or special purrsonality cats). It will also have a retail store & a learning center where you will learn proper & responsible care for your new pet before you bring it home.

I'm so happy for our homeless Wichita animals! I wish every city could have one of these facilities! I plan to volunteer as soon as I can. The first volunteer orientation class is actually FULL (isn't that great!) so I'll have to get on the next one. The picture above was taken in February so it's much farther along now & there are actually lots of trees around that you can't see. Check out the Kansas Humane Society's website here!

Among the many goals on the list for this facility, my favorite is this: "We will END THE EUTHANASIA of all adoptable animals in our community within 5 years of opening our new campus! Current animal population estimates indicate we will be able to save 10,000 animal lives a year once this goal is met." That is AWESOME!!!


snippetgirl said...

Oh me, i could cry! That is the best news I have heard lately. I really needed to see this!! What an amazingly wonderful beacon of hope for the animals (and people!). Every city should have a Humane Society like this...not only state of the art but with the ultimate goal being to end the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets. It's the only way we will move forward and stop accepting the current, archaic and barbaric solutions. Yeah for Wichita!!!!! Woohoo!!
Thanks so much for sharing, Jill!! They are going to be SOOOOO lucky to have you as a volunteer.
Many purrs,

Jill said...

I know Carrie, isn't it great?! Boulder, CO has an awesome facility too that I believe ours was modeled after. I transported some kittens there once & saw it myself. Hopefully we will start to see many more of these popping up all over! I know it can happen! I'll be sending some more pix of our building soon. Thanks for the good wishes! Hugs ~ Jill

island sunshyne said...

Hey Jilly!
I'm so sorry I've been MIA and haven't commented lately. I will have to catch myself up on your blog. What exciting news about your Humane Society! It looks H-U-G-E. You should see the pitiful, little HS building here on sad. :( I'm so happy to read that you're volunteering---and that so many people in your area are doing the same! I'm all for ending euthenasia; something that we are still fighting for here on Maui. The problem is that there is so little space on this tiny island, and SO many people refuse to get their cats/dogs spayed and/or neutered. It is so frustrating.

I remember a painting you sold on eBay a long time ago; I think you donated the proceeds to your local featured some of your kitties on crutches and with bandages on their heads. I always *LOVED* that painting...I think you should do another version of it to commemorate the unveiling of the new facility!

I love that you are a fellow animal lover; there can never be enough advocates for our furry friends!