Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Latest Kitty Creation...

Hello all you blogger peeps!

Here is my latest painting ~ a few days later than promised. Oh well...I had it done, then didn't like how the cat looked so I repainted him, then didn't like that either & repainted him again. There's still something not quite right about him but I was tired of messing with him so this is how he is. "Cat Loaf 2" is listed on ebay right now! Check it out! I have another work in progress that should be done in a day or 2. School & kid activities are finally winding down so I'm starting to have more time to paint.

My daughter's softball team had another rainout yesterday. They have a make-up game this afternoon but we have another chance of storms so we'll see. It's nice & breezy & sunny right now! Happy Wednesday to you all!!!


snippetgirl said...

Sooooo cute!! I think he's purrfectly sweet kitty cake :).

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Oh he's perfect! He looks so sweet and snuggly in that loaf pan!