Friday, February 25, 2011

Feline Friday - FeralVilla

  If you or anyone you know cares for feral cats you must check out the
FeralVilla Outdoor Shelter
 & the
Feralvilla Feeding Station!

These are the COOLEST products for feral cats I've ever seen!  The shelter comes painted with a shingled roof, has 2 exits & an insulated upstairs "bedroom" area made to reflect the cat's own body heat.  I'm sure our furry friends would appreciate a house like this during the cold winters!  I had one of these myself for 2 strays I was caring for a few years ago & it was great ~ very sturdy & my brother-in-law put it together in about half an hour.  I put it on the side of our house with the kitties' food & water but they preferred to walk a few steps & hang out in our garage instead so I ended up making them a bed with a heating pad in the corner & they were happy - hehe. Yeah, I'm a pushover!  Anyway, they have since gone to new homes & I gave the Villa to my bro-in-law for their strays!
FeralVilla also has Feeding Stations ~ both large & small.  These also have shingled roofs & are made to protect the bowls from the elements.
The products are wonderful, reasonably priced & ship quickly!
Check out their website HERE! Awesome products & great information on feral cat care too!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Feline Friday-Furry Shoulder Wrap

Ever since Zoolou was a tiny kitten she's been jumping up & perching
on my shoulders!
Doesn't matter what I'm doing or where I am, she'll vault off the nearest piece of furniture, land & wrap herself around my neck where she'll stay as long as I let her.  Maybe my neck is nice & warm or maybe she likes being up high.....I don't know.  She's usually swishing her tail in my face & digging in her claws but she's SPOILED & so darn CUTE & she's my baby & I LOVE her
 ... so I let her.

She does make quite a lovely accessory doesn't she?  Silly Cat!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

China Kitties

I was in Dillards yesterday & saw the absolute cutest cookie jar ever! 
It's part of the "Butterfly Meadow" china line by Lenox. See it all HERE!  I could've sworn it was Marjolein Bastin (love her stuff!) but it's by the artist Louise Le Luyer
There's also a sweet little kitty bowl & a set of salt & pepper shakers ADORABLE!  The pattern includes all kinds of springy flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, even bunnies & roosters!  Everything in pretty pastels.  Makes me think of SPRING & EASTERI want the whole set!!!  At least that adorable cookie jar!  It wouldn't match my "country French" kitchen but I'd make it work.  Don't you wish you could change your decor for each season??

Happy Tuesday!  THINK SPRING!  :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feline Friday (Sat)-Cat Up a Tree?

I found this article in our paper this morning & thought I'd share it for Feline Friday (which is now Saturday-oops).  I had trouble finding computer time yesterday.

The story is about Ben Roberts from the Pierce County, WA area, who scales TALL, TALL trees to rescue poor kitties who get stuck & can't get down.  We've all seen heartwrenching stories on the news about poor kitties stuck for days up a tree or on top of a telephone pole pitifully meowing.  Armed with a harness, lanyards, a handsaw & a bag to carry the cat down in he's rescued 30 cats & has a 100% success rate (YAY!).  He does charge a fee but considering the time & effort it takes I'd happily pay it if my cat needed help.
To read the entire arcle click HERE!

I also learned from this article that Lo & Behold, there is a website dedicated to Cats Stuck in Trees, run by Dan Kraus who himself has rescued nearly 750 cats in the Pacific Northwest!  The site (HERE) is full of articles, information, stories & links. You HAVE to check it out if only to see the ADORABLE moving graphics on the home page! They are also having a segment on Animal Planet's new show "Must Love Cats"!  Gotta watch that!  Don't know which show Dan Kraus will be on but the show airs TONIGHT!  Check out the show's website HERE!

Alright, that's quite enough info for now! Happy Saturday! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

House of Purrs

Welcome to the "House of Purrs" ~
the Bed & Breakfast for cats in LOVE!

This is my 2nd in a series of "Little Wooden House" paintings I'm making from the tops of fence panels I rescued from the trash.  I meant to get it done earlier for Valentine's Day but so it goes... I finished it last night & it's on Ebay now if you'd like to check it out. 

We got another snowstorm Tuesday!  Most people are sick of the snow but I'm lovin' it!  Winter is so much prettier with snow, the kids get fun snow days & I even think it's kinda fun to drive in!

Happy Thursday!  Stay warm & toasty!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Ending for Lizzy!

SO HAPPY today!!!
I found out my stray/foster kitty LIZZY got adopted yesterday from the KS Humane Society!
I told her story a few posts ago if you'd like to read more about her.  In short, she was homeless, cold, pregnant & had worms.  But she is the SWEETEST cat ever & deserved a home.  I had her spayed, dewormed & vaccinated & fostered her until I could take her to our Humane Society.  She passed the admissions "assessment" & was placed for adoption.  (luckily they had room) Not even a week later she was ADOPTED & has a forever home now!  I just can't believe it all happened so fast! 
Happy Endings are possible.  Miracles happen if you believe.
All it takes is a little work, lots of love & prayers!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Feline Friday~$5 for Rustic Hollow?

1 of many outdoor enclosures
Fun Kitty Accomodations
Hello Blogger Friends!  For today's F.F. I thought I would pass on an e-mail I received from Rustic Hollow Shelter ~ a cat sanctuary for "special needs" cats (see below).  I encourage you to read more about this awesome place on their website!  Thanks for giving this a moment of your time!  Happy Weekend!

(e-mail from R.H.)
Today is FRIDAY and
Today is also $Five Dollar Fan Friday
for the Fur-balls at Rustic Hollow Shelter

Please donate just $5 via our website at
on our Donation page. You may donate as many $5 as you can

This Friday’s donations will go to help a kitty named Ramses who has Diabetes Insipidous and his rescue group sent him to us for care. He needs meds Every day and I just found out today that his prescription refill is going to cost $372 next week!! Your $5 donation will HELP fund Ramses medication for the month.

The generic cannot be ordered at this time and that usually still costs around $175 but this time it is going to cost $372!! Please help Ramses if you can.

Ramses is a beautiful black kitty with such purrsonality. He is happy and healthy as long as he gets his daily shot. He loves to play and lives in The Kitty Kottage.

Ramses also needs a monthly sponsor if anyone would like to sponsor him.
Donate as many $5 as you wish. And you can always mail your donation to us too:

C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter, Inc.
PO Box 67, Nashua, IA 50658-0067

Thank You for Helping the Furs at Rustic Hollow with our $Five Dollar Fan Friday for the Furs ‘Fun’-d Raiser!!! Thank you for helping Ramses!!! You are all AWESOME!

Carmen & Wanda, Burnie d.Katt & staff and board of directors of C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter

About Rustic Hollow: C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter is a non profit, tax exempt life care, cage-free sanctuary for special needs felines with disabilities, chronic medical conditions, those with Feline Leukemia or FIV, and felines displaced at the death of their guardian. We are one of the few sanctuaries in the U.S. to give Feline Leukemia and other ‘adoption challenged’ felines a ‘chance at a lifetime’.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good News for Lizzy!

My foster kitty Lizzy passed the "Assessment Test" at the Kansas Humane Society & is now being placed for adoption
 I'm so happy & relieved!  I've been caring for her these past few weeks (helping out a friend who couldn't keep her) & although she's friendly & loving, my 2 resident cats did not approve of her presence in our house.  She & our cat Markie got in a little brawl the other night & the stress in the house was building so I knew I needed to make some kind of arrangements for her soon. 
I spoke with the staff at the H.S. yesterday & they said everything sounded encouraging & I could bring her in whenever I wanted.  They were so nice & even told me their busiest times to avoid.  I decided to go ahead & take her yesterday before the big storm hit & it went much smoother than I'd anticipated. I was actually the only one there at the time.  I was so impressed with the staff in Admissions ~ they were so kind & took Lizzy & I into a separate room where we went over the forms I filled out & talked about Lizzy.  It helped a lot that I'd already had her spayed, vaccinated & dewormed, etc. & also this being there slow time of year with not as many cats in the shelter.  They told me it would depend on how she adjusted to the shelter as to what their decision would be on accepting her.  I did sign the "reclaim form" just in case she wasn't accepted.  I was worried sick all last night & this morning hoping she was doing well & being sweet!  I finally got the call from the H.S. early this afternoon & they told me she was doing great & they would put her up for adoption!  HUGE SIGH of relief!!!
I'm just so glad everything worked out for her & I know she'll be adopted soon.  I'll even be able to keep track of her on the Humane Society's website.  Hopefully I'll see her on that "adopted" page soon!

We had a BLIZZARD today!  I loved it!  The kids just found out school is closed again tomorrow!
It's another sleepin' in, hot chocolate & movies day!  YIPPEEE!