Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good News for Lizzy!

My foster kitty Lizzy passed the "Assessment Test" at the Kansas Humane Society & is now being placed for adoption
 I'm so happy & relieved!  I've been caring for her these past few weeks (helping out a friend who couldn't keep her) & although she's friendly & loving, my 2 resident cats did not approve of her presence in our house.  She & our cat Markie got in a little brawl the other night & the stress in the house was building so I knew I needed to make some kind of arrangements for her soon. 
I spoke with the staff at the H.S. yesterday & they said everything sounded encouraging & I could bring her in whenever I wanted.  They were so nice & even told me their busiest times to avoid.  I decided to go ahead & take her yesterday before the big storm hit & it went much smoother than I'd anticipated. I was actually the only one there at the time.  I was so impressed with the staff in Admissions ~ they were so kind & took Lizzy & I into a separate room where we went over the forms I filled out & talked about Lizzy.  It helped a lot that I'd already had her spayed, vaccinated & dewormed, etc. & also this being there slow time of year with not as many cats in the shelter.  They told me it would depend on how she adjusted to the shelter as to what their decision would be on accepting her.  I did sign the "reclaim form" just in case she wasn't accepted.  I was worried sick all last night & this morning hoping she was doing well & being sweet!  I finally got the call from the H.S. early this afternoon & they told me she was doing great & they would put her up for adoption!  HUGE SIGH of relief!!!
I'm just so glad everything worked out for her & I know she'll be adopted soon.  I'll even be able to keep track of her on the Humane Society's website.  Hopefully I'll see her on that "adopted" page soon!

We had a BLIZZARD today!  I loved it!  The kids just found out school is closed again tomorrow!
It's another sleepin' in, hot chocolate & movies day!  YIPPEEE!

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