Tuesday, February 15, 2011

China Kitties

I was in Dillards yesterday & saw the absolute cutest cookie jar ever! 
It's part of the "Butterfly Meadow" china line by Lenox. See it all HERE!  I could've sworn it was Marjolein Bastin (love her stuff!) but it's by the artist Louise Le Luyer
There's also a sweet little kitty bowl & a set of salt & pepper shakers ADORABLE!  The pattern includes all kinds of springy flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, even bunnies & roosters!  Everything in pretty pastels.  Makes me think of SPRING & EASTERI want the whole set!!!  At least that adorable cookie jar!  It wouldn't match my "country French" kitchen but I'd make it work.  Don't you wish you could change your decor for each season??

Happy Tuesday!  THINK SPRING!  :)


Vicky said...

I'm not sure I could handle the entire collection, but I could definitely do the salt & pepper set, or the cookie jar :)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hi there Jill, I love your etsy shoppe with all that cute cat stuff..I have 7 cats and one dog..and I love cat stuff..I collect cat type items..I love the picture of you and Zoolou..he/she looks like my Pody lynn..She is a maine coon that barks..she is a character and a cutie..I am a new follower of your blog..and love what you are doing to care for these wonderful creatures..:) 4 of our kittys are from the humane society and 3 are from Italy..would love more..but we think 7 is enough for the time being..although the pitter patter of baby feets make me baby hungry;)..have a wonderful thursday.;)