Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Jagger's New Clock

I just finished my new great nephew's (makes me sound old!) Christmas present!
I'm so happy with the way it turned out!  The colors will match his bedding & the "anchor" paintings I did for his room.  I used scrapbook paper, chipboard numbers & letters, a cute anchor I painted, & red buttons.
I can't believe I found that little anchor!  It looks just like the anchors in the paintings I did.  I also painted the clock hands navy blue to match (they were black) & the second hand red.  It's kind of hard to see but I added a little starburst at the end of the second hand.
What I thought was going to be an easy project turned out to be a lot trickier.  I searched all over town for a WHITE clock but could only find black in the size I wanted.  I ended up buying a $7 thermometer at Home Depot (ha).  After taking it apart I found the hole in the center was teeny tiny.  I had to get a little knife & very carefully scrape away plastic to make the hole big enough for the clock shaft.  I can't believe I did it without the whole thing cracking!  Anyway, with luck & my artistic skill (heehee) I got her done & the end result is just how I wanted it! 
Can't wait to give it to him on Saturday when my family gets together!  Now I'm off to make some pumpkin bread for my nephew.  The house is gonna smell good!

Hope the NEW YEAR brings you all lots of HAPPINESS!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Feline Friday ~ GOOD MEWS!

My sweet little foster kitty, Kappy, was adopted Wednesday!
He was the little guy I had to syringe feed for a week & didn't even know how to drink water yet.  We weren't certain he would even make it but neither of us was about to give up & he turned into a strong roly-poly furball!  He'd been "in the system" at the Humane Society for over 4 months including a stay with another foster family when he caught a cold after I brought him back.  Poor guy's been through so much. 
My one wish for Christmas was that he would be adopted & that wish just came true!  I'm so happy that sweet little boy has a new home just in time for ChristmasYAY for Kappy!!!
I LOVE happy endings!

Wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS
& the most WONDERFUL of NEW YEARS!!!

Early Christmas for the pets!

Koda enjoying his new toy!
Zoolou gettin' happy with some catnip!
Zoo trying out the new scratching post!

Christmas came a day early for the West petsKoda's going to the boarders today so he got 1 of his presents early ~ a stuffed toy to tear up ~ his favorite!  The cats' new scratching post came this morning so we went ahead & set it up & it's already being used as you can see!

I have another "Feline Friday" post coming later so check back for some "GOOD MEWS"!

Have a wonderful day!  Hope your shopping is done & you get to relax a little!

Friday, December 17, 2010

New Christmas Kitty Doll!

Sabrina the Siamese

Sabrina the Siamese is a hand-sewn stuffed Art Doll with a hand-painted face.
She wants to come & decorate your holiday home!
She's available NOW in my Etsy SHOP!

Happy weekending everyone!
Hope you have something fun & Christmassy planned!

Feline Friday~What's YOUR Cat Getting for Christmas?

Little furry mice!  I think just about every cat LOVES these little critters!  They're cute, cheap & now they make ones that rattle!  Just make sure you buy a bunch because they always disappear under furniture!  My two will be getting a new supply of these in their stockings this year. 

Their other gift is a replacement post for their "Purrfect Scratching Post" As you can see, their previous one is down to the bare bone!  I ordered this post online HERE about 4 years ago & it's the greatest!  I highly recommend it.  It's solid, sturdy & strong enough for even the heftiest of felines!

Do any of you remember the old Hartz Catnip Mouse that came in a pink box???  When I was growing up our cats always got one every year at Christmas.  I tried to find a picture of one but couldn't.  Nowadays they have to make fancy, elaborate toys with all the bells & whistles.  Cats couldn't care less.  The old Hartz mouse was plain blue with tiny stitched eyes & a tail.  It was always fun to give it to our cat & watch him try to tear open the box to get to it!

What is YOUR cat getting for Christmas???

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Waiting for Santa

"Waiting for Santa"

Little Thomas just can't stay awake while waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve!
Maybe it was the few sips of milk he snuck while noone was looking!

Now up for grabs on EBAY!
A purrfect gift for any cat lover!  Meowy Christmas!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Kitty Stocking! hohoho

Does your kitty need a new stocking this year?
Here's a really cute one all ready to go!
It's available right now in my ETSY SHOP!

I'm having a lovely Saturday ~ painting & sewing with my yummy smelling candles burning & Christmas music playing while the wind whistles & blows outside!

Hope you're having a lovely day too!  hugs 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Feline Friday ~ "Furry" Decor

A holiday table just isn't complete without a cat.
At OUR house anyway!

"I make a better centerpiece than that stupid Santa!"


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Current Foster Babies!

Meet Giles & Gretta!
~ my latest foster babies
Giles is the handsome orange & white boy & Gretta is the pretty, exotic-looking brown tabby.  I can tell Giles is going to be a BIG boy & Gretta has the softest, silkiest fur ever!  I've had them for a week & a half now.  They both had mild colds at first, then Giles decided to get all congested & I had to take him back for a clinic check.  He's now on an antibiotic & back to his wild self!  They are both such good kitties ~ playful, but not destructive or too messy.  And when they get tired out from romping they snuggle up & purr!
Giles has 7 more pills to take so I'll have them for another week, then I'm really hoping they get adopted & have a loving new home in time for Christmas!

Someday I'll grow into my ears!
When does "Top Cat" come on?
So far ~ all 14 of the fosters I've had have ALL been adopted!  Little Kappy, the scrawny little black boy I had to syringe feed for a week, is still awaiting adoption at the Humane Society.  That sweet boy has got to be adopted soon!  That would be the best Christmas present of all for me!

Working on more Christmas creations for the shop today!  Hope you're enjoying this wonderful Christmassy time of year!  I could sure go for some SNOW!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm featured in Anipal Times!

I was interviewed a while back by "Cokie the Cat" from Anipal Times & my article was published last week.
Click HERE to read my story!

I also have NEW PRINTS in my shop!
My vintage fabric Christmas pillow & ornies just sold so I'll be busy sewing up some more!
Should have my kitty stocking finished soon too so stay tuned!