Thursday, December 9, 2010

Current Foster Babies!

Meet Giles & Gretta!
~ my latest foster babies
Giles is the handsome orange & white boy & Gretta is the pretty, exotic-looking brown tabby.  I can tell Giles is going to be a BIG boy & Gretta has the softest, silkiest fur ever!  I've had them for a week & a half now.  They both had mild colds at first, then Giles decided to get all congested & I had to take him back for a clinic check.  He's now on an antibiotic & back to his wild self!  They are both such good kitties ~ playful, but not destructive or too messy.  And when they get tired out from romping they snuggle up & purr!
Giles has 7 more pills to take so I'll have them for another week, then I'm really hoping they get adopted & have a loving new home in time for Christmas!

Someday I'll grow into my ears!
When does "Top Cat" come on?
So far ~ all 14 of the fosters I've had have ALL been adopted!  Little Kappy, the scrawny little black boy I had to syringe feed for a week, is still awaiting adoption at the Humane Society.  That sweet boy has got to be adopted soon!  That would be the best Christmas present of all for me!

Working on more Christmas creations for the shop today!  Hope you're enjoying this wonderful Christmassy time of year!  I could sure go for some SNOW!!!


Wonderland Papers said...

Check out those ears! 2 little sweeties!

meowmeowmans said...

I love the giant kitten ears, too!

Thank you for fostering so many kitties. :)

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Glad to hear the kids are doing well, fighting off their cold viruses. And good news about the 14adoptions, especially in this economy that is a bright spot!