Friday, December 17, 2010

Feline Friday~What's YOUR Cat Getting for Christmas?

Little furry mice!  I think just about every cat LOVES these little critters!  They're cute, cheap & now they make ones that rattle!  Just make sure you buy a bunch because they always disappear under furniture!  My two will be getting a new supply of these in their stockings this year. 

Their other gift is a replacement post for their "Purrfect Scratching Post" As you can see, their previous one is down to the bare bone!  I ordered this post online HERE about 4 years ago & it's the greatest!  I highly recommend it.  It's solid, sturdy & strong enough for even the heftiest of felines!

Do any of you remember the old Hartz Catnip Mouse that came in a pink box???  When I was growing up our cats always got one every year at Christmas.  I tried to find a picture of one but couldn't.  Nowadays they have to make fancy, elaborate toys with all the bells & whistles.  Cats couldn't care less.  The old Hartz mouse was plain blue with tiny stitched eyes & a tail.  It was always fun to give it to our cat & watch him try to tear open the box to get to it!

What is YOUR cat getting for Christmas???


Wonderland Papers said...

I think I remember the pink Hartz box that you are talking about.

Our kitty is getting one of those scratching boxes that sit on the floor and you add cat nip to it. She's beat up her post pretty good and its time for a change!

Oh and the Friskie's Party Mix, she loves that stuff. LOOOOOOOVES it.

Merry Christmas to you and your little lovelies!

Deb said...

Lots of those mice, for sure and fresh catnip & treats. I bought some new beds but couldn't wait to give them to them so they now have those and enjoy them very much. Have a lovely Christmas. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

Jill said...

Wonderland~my kitties love Party Mix too! Santa Paws should put a few bags of that in their stocking too!
Deb~I'm sure your kitties love their new beds! You have a lovely Christmas too! Purrs to you & your furbabies!