Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adventures of Rescuing a Kitten!

St. Francis protect my rescued kitty!
Oh my, what a crazy, draining day I've had! This morning I decided to run to Walmart to get a few things (I usually try to avoid Walmart because I never think I'm going to get out of the parking lot alive) & as I was walking thru the lot I heard the unmistakable mewing of a kitten. Another lady heard it as well & walked with me until we figured out the truck it was coming from. Once she learned it wasn't a baby she left. I discovered the kitten under the truck huddled UP IN THE CARRIAGE PART underneath the truck bed. Of course the more I tried to reach it the more it backed away. I couldn't leave it there, nor could I let the owner of the truck come out & drive off with it still there so I waited... and I waited... & finally got hold of 2 legs & pulled him out! I was almost to my car when the kitty panicked & almost scrambled away but I held tight & got him in the car. My first thought was to go home & put him in a cat carrier & then get him to the animal shelter but I decided to just go on to the shelter & let the employees there handle him safely.

Well, I got to the shelter & called inside so someone could come out to the lot but no one answered the phone so I left the car running with the a/c & went inside. After waiting my turn an employee came out to my car with gloves & a carrier only to find the kitty had crawled up inside the dashboard of my van! We could hear him but couldn't see him at all & there was nothing more he could do. He did give me a can of food to try & lure the kitty out but after waiting an hour in the car the kitten didn't budge. I went back inside & talked to a different person (she was no help at all) then found a nice man who suggested I rent a trap, go home & just wait him out. Well, they take only cash deposits for the traps ($40) & I only had $20 so I just left & went home. He did tell me the kitty couldn't get up into the engine because there is a fire wall. I drove home very slow, pulled into the garage, put some tuna out for bait & waited again... and waited... and waited. Finally he crawled down from inside the dashboard & gobbled up the tuna. I didn't want to grab him right away because I knew he was probably hungry & I wanted to let him eat but I should have because when I reached for him he bolted to the back of the van & out a side door. Good grief! The poor thing was so scared & I just wished so bad that he would realize I was trying to help him! I made sure to close all the van doors so he couldn't get back in & then searched the entire garage, under things, behind things, inside things, & couldn't find him anywhere. Now I was in tears. It was hot, I was tired & hadn't eaten & so worried about this poor sweet kitty who I knew was terrified. My daughter came out & helped me look & she is the one who finally found her crouched in the corner of the garage behind a refrigerator & 2 boxes. It just broke my heart. We managed to move the frig (which made a hideous sound) & the boxes & once again I missed the grab. Kitty ran under the frig this time. I just kept moving the frig around until he finally ran out & at last I managed to grab him & get him in the carrier my daughter had ready! After 5 hours, success at last!

I drove kitty back to the shelter, filled out the forms & asked the question I dreaded: So what's going to happen to him now? The nice man was there still & he told me since kitty bit & scratched me (he got me good right on my thumbnail & it's still throbbing) they have to keep him quarantined for 10 days to watch for illness & then they'll decide if he'll go next door to the humane society for a chance at adoption. I'm hoping & praying that he'll get that chance! After all he's been through he has to!

I named him (or her) Francis after St. Francis of Assisi. If he's a "she" it can be Frances. I normally feel very good after I rescue a cat or dog but for some reason right now I just feel sad. I keep thinking how frightened kitty must be. I'm sure he had a rough ride under that truck for who knows how long & I wonder if he left behind his mama & siblings. I know I should be happy because he's safe now with food, water a litter box & vet care so I'm trying to think positive. I have to believe God made it so I would walk thru that parking lot at the right time to find him because He knew I would stop & help.

Thanks to all you cat lovers who took the time to read this story. (I tend to ramble with too many details) but I wanted to share. Please say a prayer for this sweet kitty that he stays healthy & finds a forever home!!! PURRS & THANKS ~ Jill


Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Bless your heart...and your patience! You and kitty had quite a day. I'm sure 'Fran' is right where he or she should be so the right person can come along and take him/her home :)

Janine said...

Dear Jill,
what a day just must have had.
I´m sure that kitty will find a good home and it is thanks to you!
You should feel good.
All the best

snippetgirl said...

oh my goodness, Jill!!! What a crazy day! It seems like things like this tend to happen with kitty rescue...never a dull moment. That poor little kitten got SO lucky when it "found" you. I can't imagine what would have happened if you hadn't been at that WalMart. Ugh, they just get themselves into such wild situations. I know how emotionally and physically exhausting it all must have been. Thank you for persevering through all of it! I will be hoping for a happy ending. Try to focus on what you did and that she/he is safe now. Will the humane society keep you updated?? I hope so.
Many, many purrs to you,