Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yesterday a Kitten ~ Today a Dog!

Sweet little doggie we rescued today!
It must be rescue week for me! This morning I was picking my son up from football practice & as we were leaving saw a cute little Shih Tzu running down the middle of the street. My son got her in the car & she had a rabies tag but with only a hotline no. to call. I got the first name of the owner & her contact no. from that so I called but only got static & then a busy signal. Ugh! These things are just never easy are they? We ended up taking the dog home with us & dogsat for 3 hours. She was just the cutest thing & so well behaved! After several more tries I finally got through & then was given yet another no. to call & spoke with the owner. I then drove the little dog home & the owner was very happy & thankful. I did another good deed for the day.

On a creative note ~ I'm almost finished with my bed skirt I'm making. In an earlier post I had a picture of my "Inspiration Room" that I'm modeling our bedroom after & I just had to have a striped bed skirt like the one in the picture so I looked up directions on the internet, found the perfect material & went to work. Talk about miles & miles of fabric! We have a king size bed & you have to double the length so you can imagine. I'm not a big sewer so this was pretty ambitious of me but once I have my mind set on something I just want to get it done! It helps having a crafty big sister too who is a big sewer & can answer all my questions. I plan to finish it tomorrow so I'll post a pic providing I don't completely screw it up - ha! Hope to have a new painting finished soon too. All these animals needing rescuing has taken away studio time. They are worth it though! Happy Hump Day!


Janine said...

You are truely the rescuer of the week.
Enjoy your weekend
Regards from Germany

snippetgirl said...

Wowee, you are having quite a week!! Once again, thank goodness that sweetie fell into your hands!! I am so happy you found his owner. Yeah for happy endings!
Rescuing definitely does take away from studio time :). I am having to find a balance with it all. Can't wait to see your sewing project!

Poppy Q said...

Hi Jill, we just found your blog and your sweet paintings.

Nice to meet you.

Julie and Poppy Q

suziart said...

You are fabulous!