Sunday, July 5, 2009

Premio Meme Award!

Hi all you wonderful blogger people! I came home from a fun 4th of July weekend in Kansas City (where we had a blast with all the family) to find my blog has been given the Premio Meme Award by the awesome Suzi at Art...With a Touch of Whimsy! THANK YOU SO MUCH Suzi! According to the rules I am to share 7 facts about myself & then pass the award on the 7 others. Here goes...

1. I adore cats & wish every single one in the world had a loving home!
2. I love antiques & would furnish my whole house with them if I could afford it!
3. I love everything Irish ~ the people, the music, dance, the land ~ & vow to visit someday! Maybe it's cuz I'm part Irish!
4. Those huge wind turbines on wind farms SCARE me!
5. I'm addicted to Starbucks nonfat lattes!
6. I absolutely LOVE thunderstorms!
7. Someday I want to live in a cozy cottage in the country where I have a big barn & lots of room to take care of all the stray kitties that seem to find me!

Ok, now to pass this on to these beautiful bloggers:

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Have a wonderful week!!! xoxo ~ Jill


Janine said...

Dear Jill,
congratulations to your award and thank you so much for passing it to me.
I wish you a great week

suziart said...

You are such a cutie-pie!!! I want a cottage with lots of land for animals no one else wants!!!

Laura said...

Thanks so much for the award! Love your cute kitties!

Poppy Q said...

Thanks Jill. I never think anyone reads my read like me blog, and I purely do it so I don't reread any books again.

Have a great week.

Julie Q

snippetgirl said...

Thanks bunches, Jill!!! You are so sweet to bestow me with that nice award along with the other wonderful bloggers :)!
Many hugs and purrs,
p.s. Your package will be going out today!

Julie said...

Jill, thank you! How very sweet of you to think of me ; ) ~ I love your kitties and your work! I would love a kittie farm. We are currently at our max ~ 5 ~ and I have been threatened by every family memeber what would happen if I tried to rescue one more! Have a wonderful week... xx