Monday, June 22, 2009


Beautiful Plaza between the 2 buildings
Cool stone columns

My daughter Kayla reading the quotes on the plaques

A multi-cat Kitty City. Note the privacy wall for the litter box!

Individual Kitty Condo

Taz, a 23 pound tubby tabby. I WANTED HIM!

Another Kitty Condo

Part of 1 of our multi-cat Kitty Cities

Cute dog in his bandana

I LOVE LOVE LOVE our new Kansas Humane Society facility!!! (it's official name is the Murfin Animal Care Campus) Omigosh my daughter & I went to the grand opening this morning & it is so unbelievably AMAZING! I can't even describe how impressed I was with every aspect of it! It's so bright & cheery, colorful, welcoming, filled with daylight windows, clean, comfortable, relaxing ~ I could just go on & on! I was so happy I actually got teary-eyed!

The accomodations for the cats & dogs are just wonderful & even better than I'd imagined. No more cages!!! We now have "Kitty Cities" (2 of them) ~ large living room type areas that can hold up to 15 cats. They have all kinds of climbing structures, window beds, & even colorful built-in privacy screens for their litter boxes - ha! We also have several Kitty Condos ~ smaller rooms for 1 or 2 cats which also have their own climbing structures, beds, etc. The kitties all seemed so happy & playful in their new "temporary" homes! I love how they made all the rooms with high ceilings so they could climb as we all know they love to do! No more dark, small cages with only 1 open side. This place is the Ritz Carlton for cats! Our doggies have awesome quarters too. They have large rooms & each has a Kuranda bed. They had all the dogs wearing colorful bandanas & they looked so cute!

We spent close to an hour just looking around & I swear it didn't even feel like we were in an animal shelter at all. It was almost like touring a museum & looking at exhibits. We only heard 1 dog bark (just once) the entire time! They have classical music piped in through the whole building to relax the animals. I don't think there's anything they didn't think of!

I am SO happy for our Wichita animals!!! And I'm so proud of our community because this multi-million dollar facility was completely funded by donations & all the construction was done by local companies! The guys at our Wichita Big Dog Motorcycles built all the climbing structures! And it's not just 1 building but 2 ~ 1 is our City Shelter buildling where lost or stray animals go first & stay for 3 days & the other is our Adoption Center/Learning Facility/Store, etc. There is a beautiful plaza connecting the 2 buildings with quote plaques, mosaics, pictures, flowers. I took tons of pictures so you can see this magnificent place for yourself! I can't wait to start volunteering but darn it, the next orientation session is full so I have to wait another month! That's a good sign though.

I just had to share all this with you. My hope is that cities all over the world will follow our lead & we'll see more of these amazing buildings popping up everywhere! Come & visit our website to see pictures, videos, etc. right here!

This is our dream come true!!! Hurray for Wichita!


Tammy said...

This facility is AWESOME!
I wish the store that gives our rescue group space for adoptions would have something looking even remotely like this. Sigh.
I'll send this around. Please look at my blog at

snippetgirl said...

OH, Jill! Tears of joy are filling my eyes!!! This place is spectacular!!!!!!!! I mean, seriously, it is the best facility i have seen. What a beacon of hope for the animals!!! One day every city MUST have a haven like these for our precious pets. Thanks SO much for sharing!! I am just over the moon to see this.
Many purrs, Carrie