Monday, January 9, 2012

Guest Room Makeover!

Inspiration Room & My Take on it

These photos are the main reason I didn't get many Fall or Christmas art projects done this year!
My oldest daughter graduated from high school & moved out so I had a fun new GUEST ROOM to create!  (& I wanted to finish it before company came for Chrismas!)  My sister had given me the bedroom photo on the left (she definitely knows my taste) & I carried it around for a few years vowing to someday model a room after it.  I finally got my chance & went to town!
I did find an awesome iron bed but it was after I found this great antique oak bed so the iron bed went in the other guest room.  I tried to go as inexpensive as I could on the furnishings & think I did pretty well.  The bedding came from Target & Walmart, my talented sis made me the green & white Irish quilt, the snowflake pillow is from Tuesday Morning & I made the 2 small green leaf pillows.  The furniture is all from Craigslist or local antique shops.  The pretty plates above the bed are from Etsy & the rest of the furnishings I either had already or bought cheap.  I did splurge on the adorable wool hooked CAT pillow from Chandler 4 Corners!  LOVE Laura Megroz's designs!  One of the lamps I ordered went on backorder so I'm still waiting for it. 
It was SO FUN making up this room & putting it to use when all my family was here for Christmas weekend!

Here are a few additional photos of the room:

I even found red NOEL letters like in the photo!

You can't see them very well but I have CUTE set of embroidered towels hanging on the black painted shutter against the wall & there's also the coolest CAT rug on the floor I got from Urban Outfitters!  I'll post pictures of them on my next post ~ along with my other guest room I made over.  This one is already long enough!  :)
Just wanted to show off my new room!  I should've taken a "before" picture ~ this is a FAR CRY from my daughter's..... ummm..... dump heap!
HAPPY HAPPY MONDAY!  (as happy as Monday's can be)


Janine said...

Oh Jill this is so pretty. I love the cat pillows and the furniture of cause.
Didn´t you want to invite me ?:0)
Have a great day

meowmeowmans said...

Great job, Jill! The room looks fantastic!

Jill said...

Thank you both!
Janine - you are invited anytime!
Purrs ~ Jill