Saturday, March 24, 2012

Calicos & Tulips

In honor of the beginning of SPRING this week & all the pretty tulips I've seen popping up around town I wanted to do a bright, funspringy painting with colorful flowers & colorful cats.
I came up with a trio of cute calicos taking in the sweet smell of tulips in the window box!

"Sweet Smell of Spring"
is up for grabs on EBAY right now!  Click HERE & it could be yours!

Hope you're having a Springy weekend wherever you are!  meow


Janine said...

Your kittys enjoy spring, so do mine, they relaxed the whole day in the garden, did smell the flowers, chased some butterflies and enjoyed the grass under their paws.
Have a great week

Jill said...

Hi Janine! Glad your kitties are enjoying the weather. I wish I lived in an area where my cats could go outside now & then. They're enjoying the fresh air through the open windows though! Happy Spring!

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