Thursday, May 3, 2012

From 3 to 4

Meet little Amos!

My 3 fosters came from a litter of 5 ~ I took 3 & another foster mom took the other 2.
Sadly, 1 of hers didn't make it ~ a sweet little girl named Annie.  Bless her heart.  I offered to take her brother Amos so he could be with his siblings & not be alone.  He's just LOVING romping & playing with his brother Mowgli & sisters Moppet & Mitzi & is so happy! 
I took all the kitties in a few days ago for a checkup & vaccs.  They are all doing GREAT & just need to gain a few more ounces before they can go back, have their spay/neuter surgeries & be all ready for adoption!  I know they'll be snatched up quick ~ they are too adorable!

Having foster babies sure keeps you busy!  I have a sketch for a new Frida Kahlo & Cat painting I want to start but haven't found the time yet.  Really wanted to have it ready to list for Cinco de Mayo on Saturday but that's doubtful.  Darn.  I'm taking my daughter to "Junior Day" at K-State tomorrow, then taking her to KU in Lawrence where she'll meet up with her fellow Journalism students for the State Competition on Saturday.  Busy, busy, busy!  Not much time to paint.  I can show you the sketch at least.
Can't wait to fill her full of bright, happy

Ok, back to my foster duties...  =^..^=


Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see the painting - the sketch is just gorgeous. Not as gorgeous as those foster kitties though ;o)

Janine said...

Oh Jill your foster Kitties are sooooo cute.
Have a great week

Cris said...

Yesterday was St Francis day and friends from a cats lovers mailing list posted a lovely painting of him with cats. Then, searching on web, I found your art. Beautiful, delicate, just wonderful! Congratulations! I am a new fan of your work. From Brazil my best wishes!