Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vintage Suitcase Cat Bed

I've been seeing some REALLY CUTE cat beds online made from old, vintage suitcases & decided I HAD to make one myself!  Got this wonderful case at an antique store here in town (actually last year) & finally got to work on it.  Added some legs, cute decorations & made a fleece poly-filled cushion to place inside & VOILA!  Turned out just how I wanted!
Do the cats use it?  no
Is it a great decorative piece next to our kitchen fireplace?  YESSS!
I think the cats will eventually figure out it's for them.  They can't seem too eager, you know.  That wouldn't be cat-like.  It took our dog about a year to use the antique bed I bought him but now he's on it ALL the time!
Happy cat-napping to you all!  purrrrr.......

P.S.  The stuffed kitty is from Urban Outfitters & the cute rug is from Target!


Janine said...

hi hi , thats the purrrfect place for a little nap.
very sweet, indeed

Jill said...

Thanks Janine!

ash lyy said...

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