Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quick Update & Latest Paintings!

Hi everyone! 
This past year has been crazy (in a good way) so I haven't posted in forever - but here are my latest paintings (all crammed into 1 post) so you can see what I've been up to!


LOTS of changes going on in our family here in Kansas!  Our twins (boy & girl) finished their senior year of high school & our son moved out at the beginning of summer to work at a family store for a year before starting college & we are moving our daughter to Nebraska for college on Monday!  Our older daughter finished a year of college & has just moved back home.  The doors keep rotating around here!
I've worked on commissioned paintings & a custom painting/logo (I will post about soon) which, combined with family stuff, kept me off here for a long time.  Things will calm down soon & I can't wait to dive back into painting!
PURRS to all...