Friday, December 11, 2009

CAT NAPPERS & Cookie Dough!

Rolled, ribboned & ready to give!

Markie prefers the "multi-stack" version!

Happy Friday my sweet blogger friends!

Wow, this Etsy shop business is a lot of work! I've spent all morning & part of this afternoon (up until right now) photo shooting & listing my new Cat Napper Pads I finished last night. It's fun work so I don't mind but it sure is time consuming ~ & I was planning to do some Christmas shopping today. Oh well, it'll get done later. I love these fun bright colors of fleece I found! I think the birdy print one would be cute for Easter! I use the fleece scraps I have leftover to make little kitty toys to include with the pads. The Humane Society cats love them! If you want to check them out just click HERE to open my shop!

On a yummy note ~ my son got to bring cookies to his History class last week so we made homemade M&M cookies! OOOHHH that dough looks SOOO good right now! I have to admit I probably ate 7 cookies worth of dough while we were making them! I can't help it. To me the dough is better than the baked cookies. I know all about the dangers of raw egg but I've been eating dough for years & haven't croaked yet so I'm not worried. My best friend Cindy & I used to make a quarter batch of dough & just eat it all for our after school snack - ha! And we are alive & well to tell about it!

Wishing you all a creative, Christmassy, yummy weekend! xoxox


Janine said...

Your catnappers look really cute,
and very comfy too (hihi).
have a great weekend

michico*Adan said...

My God~~
I am drooling