Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yikes! 9 Days and Counting...

I've had so much fun looking at all the festive decor my blogger friends have posted I decided to join in & post some pics of my own Christmassy home! I love Christmas & love to decorate! I turn on some Christmas music or dvd, grab a cuppa coffee or glass of wine, haul the boxes up from the basement & go to town! I enjoy it as long as I can cuz all too soon it's New Year's & time to take it all down again (sniff).

On a painting note ~ I finished a Christmas Frida today (probably my last painting of the year) & will post a pic of her tonight or tomorrow! She's looking very festive! Feliz Navidad!


snippetgirl said...

Looks so fun and festive and cheerful!!! Wish I could join you for some wine and Christmas music :). I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

Susan said...

Jill, thanks for stopping by. Your decorations look beautiful. Take care and have a Merry Christmas. Susan