Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feline Friday - Shop Cats

Meet Jasper!
This handsome boy helped show us around the "Nelson & Taylor Interiors" shop in Weston, MO.  Weston is my favorite little town just north of Kansas City.  My daughter Kayla & I road tripped there today for the Annual Antique Show.  I can't believe I have a teenage daughter who likes to look at antiques with ME!  The show was held in the Weston Burley House ~ a 100 yr. old tobacco warehouse!  It was a really cool building (only didn't smell so good in some parts - ha).  We had a blast & saw tons of great stuff.  I almost came home with a bed but talked myself out of it ~ plus I didn't know if it would fit in the van

After the show we hit the shops on Main Street.  I LOVE how so many shopkeepers there bring their cats to work!  Noone seems to think anything of it.  This one (Jasper) jumped up on a display table & wound his way around GLASS items & noone gave him a second glance!  Weston is a very pet loving community ~ just another thing I love about it.  Not only is it beautiful & unique, I get to see 2 of my favorite things ~ antiques & cats!  There were actually 2 cats in this store.  The other was sleeping on the couch in the background.  Of course my daughter & I quit shopping to pet the cats & take pictures.  heehee

Happy Easter Weekend!

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meowmeowmans said...

I LOVE when shops have cats in them. We always end up petting them more than shopping, too. :)