Friday, October 5, 2012


 Frida 1
Frida 2 (available on Ebay HERE!)

Yep, I've been GONE a looong time from the blogging scene!  I think I've forgotten how.
I won't bore you with dumb stories of how I've been so busy & taken lots of trips & all that crap.  I was pretty much just lazy & wanted to take a break from it.  Does anyone even blog anymore??  Seems like it's all Facebook & Twitter these days.  Really, who has the time to blog every day anyway??  Ok, enough of that. I'm starting to sound like a big grouch.

Just wanted to post my 2 latest Fridas.  The 2nd one was actually in an art show here in town.  I think my painting was the only "folk art" piece there.  Definitely the brightest in color (ha) so it stood out!

I have another painting to share, my latest foster kitties & a couple of cute cat things I recently made & bought so those will be in my next few posts - which I hope won't be 5 months from now!

By the way,  I read that book "Gone Girl" ~ very good!


Cat Tee Mission said...

Hi Jill, nice to have you back. Yep, we still blog! In fact my blog has moved to my new website where I also have a new non-profit organisation which assists cat rescue groups around the world:

Hope to see more from you again soon, I love your art!


Ryan said...

Super cute, Jill! I love the kitties in Frida's hair!

Janine said...

Frida, cats and halloween, thats a happy combination