Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Hi all you earthy people! Since today is Earth Day I thought I'd post a few pics of something from the earth. I just love pansies! I'm seeing a lot of them blooming now in all their fun brilliant colors. I searched for pictures & found some cute ones with kitties in them. They aren't my babies but the black & white one looks kind of like my Markie. I love the little ginger tabby!
While the earth is sprouting things up from the ground the sun is heating up Kansas big time! It hit 87 degrees here today! Ugh! That is just wrong in April! Where are the warm days of spring where the cool breeze blows through your open windows? I hate to admit it but I actually broke down & turned the a/c on this evening. I just couldn't take it anymore. Heat makes me lethargic & grouchy! I desperately needed to vacuum & wanted to get a little painting done today but couldn't get myself to do either. When I heard these temps were going to hang around for the rest of the week that made up my mind. I'm counting on spring-like weather to return soon so I can turn the a/c off & open the windows up again. And I did get my vacuuming done after all!

I did a rough sketch today for my next painting (sitting in the car waiting for my kids to come out from school) so hopefully I'll start painting tomorrow & have something to show on Friday ~ or maybe Saturday... Hope everyone's keeping cooler than I am!


snippetgirl said...

These photos are TOO cute! The weather is CRAZY here as well...50s and 40s all week, will finallly be 70s today and then 80s this weekend!! What happened to 70s for a month or so??? Spring has always been my favorite season, but i haven't experienced a true spring in a long time!
Thanks so much for your sweet message yesterday. I appreciated your encouragement and supportive words concerning the kitties :).

Julie said...

Oh My! Love your blog and your art as well! So happy to have found you ; )