Friday, April 3, 2009

Moonlight Serenade...

Happy Friday all!

Here's my latest creation finished last night. "Moonlight Serenade" will be up for auction on ebay later this evening. What do you suppose these 3 are singing? "Stray Cat Strut"? "Cat Scratch Fever"?

I actually have tonight to myself which is a nice surprise! My son is at a movie & the hubby is at the WSU baseball game with the girls. I just didn't feel like sitting outside for a long game on a chilly night. I plan to pour myself a glass of wine, put on some Celtic Woman or Josh Groban & paint away!

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island sunshyne said...

Jilly! Love this piece! :) I just love the way you paint your kitties faces...they are so sweet.

I hope you enjoyed your mellow Friday night empty house, mellow music, a glass of wine and painting sounds like a fantastic way to kick off the weekend! (I am enjoying a glass of red vino as I type this!).

Take care,