Monday, March 29, 2010

Lookin' Like Spring!

Every year it seems that once Spring Break comes & goes the weeks just fly by until before you know it, school's out & summertime is officially here!  I look forward to lazy days with no homework to help with (or grades to worry about) & no driving & picking up kids from school.  Of course that will be replaced with driving kids to movies & friends houses but that's ok.  I know I'll MISS driving them around soon when my 2 15-yr-olds get their licenses!  They don't seem to be in any hurry which is ok with me so I think I have plenty of time left.

Have you been hearing birds singing lately?  I hear them every morning now when I'm first waking up & it's so nice to realize Spring is actually here!  Daffodils are popping up all over & tulips won't be far behind.  We had  gorgeous weather today & I took a nice walk while my daughter was at piano & just enjoyed the sun & Kansas WIND on my face! Ahhhh...

Still keeping VERY busy with my online course but hope to have a new painting to show you soon & my new printer is here (yay!) so I can work on all sorts of new goodies for my shop!  As you can see, I think Zoolou's trying to tell me I'm spending too much time at the computer!

Wishing you a happy spring week with birds chirping, daffodils blooming & a cat by your computer!


MyPinkTurtle said...

Bonjour Jill! Pretty flowers, pretty colors, beautiful cat! Oh yeah! Spring is on his way here, supposed to be 80 degrees this weekend !! Take care, LuLu

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

The yellow of the daffodils reminds me of your paintings, too. And of course Zoolou wants your undivided attention!