Monday, March 1, 2010

Slowly Emerging

Well, there's nothing like a getaway with the girls to renew your spirit! My overnight trip with my BFF (ha) Cindy & our daughters was so relaxing & fun. We shared long talks & laughs, lots of junk food, a movie & a little shopping & I came home feeling much better & ready to tackle this coming week! My goals for the week are: Designing a business card, getting 2 new paintings done & listed on ebay, eating better & getting back on the dang treadmill. I'm sure a lot of my blah feelings are from not eating well & sitting in front of the computer & art table for too long. By the way ~ THANK YOU all for your kind, encouraging comments! I took many of your suggestions to heart including chocolate & hugging kitties!

Ok, enough about me. I wanted to share this project my sister sent me with you ~ an eco-friendly raincoat made from recycled Hobby Lobby shopping bags! (sorry for the poor picture-the good photo on their website would not let me copy it!) My sis works at the Hobby Lobby Headquarters Art Dept. in Oklahoma City & makes all kinds of creative projects for their store displays along with special projects for the owners. She actually MADE this yellow raincoat in the pic above! Isn't it fun? She's an amazing artist & has always been an inspiration to me. You can find the project sheet for this raincoat at Hobby Lobby stores & step-by-step instructions on their website HERE!
Happy week to all of you! Gotta get to work! xoxox

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