Friday, June 25, 2010

Feline Friday-Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush!

YES ~ you read that right!
Is this the FUNNIEST thing ever?  My mom & I found this wine at the little Market in downtown Fish Creek when we were in Wisconsin on vacation last week.  We just CRACKED UP when we saw it!  And how could we resist buying it???  We got the last 2 bottles!
Isn't that label hilarious?  I love the pawprints on the cap!  Neither of us has tried it yet but I'm not picky about my wine so I'm sure it'll be quite tasty.  And though it has the same coloring, I just hope it doesn't have the same lovely fragrance as cat pee - teehee.

Have a wonderful weekend  ~ & may all your cat pee end up in the litter box or in a wine bottle!
xoxox - purrrs


Susan said...

Ohhh, how funny. I'm not a drinker, but I can imagine someone snooty swirling this around in a big old glass and then their eyes popping out over the "bouquet" or what ever they call the smell. Yikes. I'm sure it must be delish, or there would have been lots on the shelf. Let us know when you open it. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Janine said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!!
That sounds delicious (HIHI).
I don´t think I had the courage to taste it.
Anyway it would look great in any shelfe.
Have a great weekend, and tell us how this wine tasts.