Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sophie Got Adopted!

My other foster kitty Sophie was adopted yesterday from the Humane Society!
I'm so happy she has a loving new forever home now!
I was surprised that she was the last of her litter to be adopted but I'm just glad she & all her brothers & sisters have wonderful homes now.

I wish I could foster more kitties now (there are LOTS needing it!) but we're leaving on vacation soon so I'll have to wait until we get back.

Just wanted to share my good mews!
I made another CAT DOLL yesterday & will post pics later today.  It's a Siamese!



The Creek Cats said...

Concatulations to sweet Sophie on her new furever home and bless you for fostering!!!

The Kool~Kittie~Krew said...

WOO~HOO for Sophie!!! We wish her a lifetime of happiness (and treats) in her new furrever home!

Susan said...

So glad for all your foster kitties. You will have a new batch soon, I'm sure. Take care.

The Creek Cats said...

P.S. I bought the 5 calicos in a bathtub painting from your etsy shop! LOVE IT! Can't wait to put it up in my bathroom. The calicos remind me of my Maggie May. She also has a blog,