Monday, September 6, 2010

Foster Kitty Pics!

Squeak (Squeaky)

Sweet little Gina

Zapp (Zappy)

Rich (Richie)

Here are my new babies! They are the sweetest things!  Please note that I'm not responsible for the odd names (heehee).  The folks at the Humane Society have to come up with hundreds of them every week & I'm sure they run out of creative, unique ones & sometimes just have to go with whatever comes to mind at the moment.  3 of these guys are named after "sounds" ~ Squeak, Zapp & Kapow.  I know...strange.  The 2 gray & white cuties are Rich & Gina, probably a couple somebody knows.  Anyway, it doesn't matter.  They are healthy, playful, cuddly & so EASY to take care of after having my 4 sick ones last month! Kapow is missing from the pictures ~ he's all black & I couldn't get a good photo of him.  I'm working on it though.

I have a cute new HALLOWEEN painting done I'll scan & post later tonight! 
Hope you're having a GREAT Labor Day!!!

1 comment:

The Creek Cats said...

So cute!!!! Know all about the interesting names the shelter comes up with. Last month I had a Glinda!
Wishing those babies lots of luck finding forever homes!