Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Furniture ~ Pet Approved!

I LOVE my new furniture!!!
We were looong overdue for some new living room furniture so after receiving some Christmas money from Craig's family we finally went shopping!  We actually picked out a new couch, matching chair & 1/2, & a red chair with  a matching ottoman, but after it was delivered we realized our living room SHRUNK!  The chair & 1/2 was humongous & completely blocked the entire view of our living room from the entryway (which I've always loved)!  We ended up returning the huge chair (more like a small sofa!) & also the red ottoman which we decided we didn't really need, for a full refund.  I knew it was meant to be because I had just found the coolest antique rocking chair on Craigslist for a steal that I knew would look PERFECT in our living room!  I picked it up the same day we returned the other stuff to the store & I absolutely LOVE it!  The former owners recently had it reupholstered in the green & cream toile fabric so it's like new & so comfy.  Of course the trick now is to train my furballs to keep their claws OFF it!  So far so good. 
I picked out the red chair because I loved the vintage look of the design on the fabric.  And of course I love RED!
As you can see, the furniture passed the "Pet Approval" test so I guess we'll keep it - hehe!

I do have a new painting to post but it's a custom order birthday gift & I don't want to give away the surprise so I'll show it to you next week after she receives it.  I love how it turned out & think it's one of my favorites!
Geez how many times did I say "LOVE" in this post??? 
Anyway ~ Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love your new pet approved the toile fabric..and I too love red.;) have a happy st. paddys day.:)

Anonymous said...

Miss Peach sent us to your blog...your art is awesome!

Vicky said...

That's the only real way to know if you got great furniture :)