Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Sketch...

Good morning!

I really wanted to post a picture of this PAINTING today but all I managed to get done yesterday was the sketch. I think it's gonna be really cute when it's finished tho!

Want to wish everyone a happy LENT season! I'm giving up cookies ~ hard for me cuz we always have some in the cookie jar & now we're starting to get all the boxes of Girl Scout cookies we ordered delivered. Help!


snippetgirl said...

Precious!! Love the pigtails and the kitty passengers, of course.

island sunshyne said...

Hi Jill -
I followed you over from Tasha's blog and immediately recognized you from your work over on eBay. :) I see you are still painting your adorable kitties! Just wanted to drop by and say hello. I'm new to this whole art-blogging thing, but it has been fun to see so many of my fellow eBay artists are on here, too!

Now I am going to go back and catch up on some of your older posts...

Have a great weekend!