Friday, February 27, 2009

All Finished!

From sketch to finished painting ~ here is Betsy on her bike ride with her kitties Bonnie & Boots! I know, cutesy names, but they seemed to fit - ha! This painting will be available on ebay this evening at 8:00 pm central time. Once I figure out how I'll insert the link that will take you there. I'm still new & rusty at this but learning the ropes slowly & surely. My kids can probably figure all this out better than me - ha. Better consult them.

Tomorrow I'm off with my 2 girls to meet my best friend & her daughter for a little get-away in the big exciting city of Topeka, KS - woohoo! We'll shop, eat junk, stay the night & catch up on all the gossip. Can't wait! Happy weekend everybody!


snippetgirl said...

Sooooo adorable! And the names are super cute.
I came by to thank you for visiting my blog, and i was so excited to read about the low cost s/n clinic and wonderful animal shelter opening in Wichita...that is sooooo great! I hope we can get both of those things going here in Lexington.
Have a lovely weekend!

island sunshyne said...

Beautiful new painting! I love your work - always so happy and bright. :)

eryn said...

your art is beautiful.