Monday, March 2, 2009

In Like a Lion!

Hello People!

Boy, March sure blew in like crazy here! My daughter & I were driving up to Topeka Saturday morning & suddenly we were in a blizzard! It was about 13 degrees & sooo cold! Had a great time with our friends tho.

I'm waiting for a new shipment of canvases to arrive so I'm just working on sketches right now. I always wait too long to order them & then run out. Argh!

I don't usually watch Oprah but caught a bit of it today as she was talking about a new book called "Secrets of Simplicity" (see cover pic above). I've got to check it out! I'm always longing for the simpler days I grew up in when there wasn't all the fancy technology & life wasn't so hectic. The world is just moving too fast for me & I can't keep up! I feel sorry for my kids sometimes. Their schools push them so hard these days. I say let them be kids & play while they can! And homework should just be outlawed!!!

Well, enough ranting about that. Hope to have a new painting done soon. Stay tuned!

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Linda said...

I love Oprah! Almost as much as Dr. Phil!