Monday, March 9, 2009

And the Thunder Rolls!

Happy Monday to ya! It was a great day to paint ~ cloudy with rain clouds gathering all day. After getting Koda (the dog) to the groomer & back I worked on another painting. It's a springy one & will be listed tomorrow. It never fails, every time Koda gets a bath it rains within a day. Oh well, he's all fresh & clean now & the rain's already stopped. I thought we were going to get a storm tonight but it was just a few rumbles & sprinkles. Darn! I really need to post a picture of Koda soon. I should've taken a before & after pic of him today!

Gaelic Storm was AWESOME Saturday night! The pics above are of Pete (the cute one!) who plays wicked pipes & tin whistle & Jessie the amazing fiddle player! The show was so fun ~ lots of audience participation & funny stories from Patrick Murphy! Our new favorite G.S. song right now is "What's the Rumpus?" ~ foot stompin' & hilarious! After the show, as if on cue, it started to STORM as we walked to the car! So cool!

Tomorrow I'll have a pic of my new painting to show you. Hurry back!

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