Friday, March 13, 2009

Easter Bonnets!

Happy Friday all!

Here's the latest of my creations. You don't see Easter bonnets like these much anymore. I don't know, maybe they still wear them down south. I think they're great!

My artwork has been bugging me lately & I decided it was the big black outlines around everything. My pictures were looking like coloring book pages. Maybe it was all the coloring I did as a child! I was never without a coloring book & huge box of crayons! I guess I still have that urge to stay inside the lines & make all the edges smooth & perfect. I'm trying to get away from that so this painting has no black outlines! I think it has a much softer look & I'm happy how it turned out. Easter Bonnets is up for auction on ebay now!

Have a great weekend!!!

1 comment:

island sunshyne said...

Hi Jill!

What a cute painting - I am loving those come they aren't just normal everyday wear? :)

It's interesting that you should mention the black outlines for your paintings, as it is something I have been thinking about myself lately! I have always gone with the outline; I think because I am so structured and I need to "see" definition, but I have been trying to move away from that, myself!

And for the record, your work looks wonderful, with or without the black lines! :)