Monday, March 16, 2009

The Morris & Gypsy Story & Happy News!

I just had to share my good news with you all! For the past couple years I've been caring for 2 stray kitties that found their way to our cul-de-sac. Gypsy showed up first~a beautiful black petite little girl. Then Morris came along~a stocky orange tabby, very friendly but with a little attitude. They were great buddies & I kept them well fed & sheltered in our garage on cold nights. I managed to get them both to the vet at different times to be spayed & neutered so we wouldn't have kittens to deal with. I thought I would just keep them as outside cats since my 2 indoor cats & dog made it clear they didn't want any more siblings in their house. After a while I realized it just wasn't a good situation for any of us. I hated making them stay outside & seeing their sad faces looking in the doorway every time we went in & out & I also feared they would be run over or turned in to animal control by a neighbor who complained.

I got busy looking for homes for them, had no luck & turned to no-kill, cageless shelters. I found a wonderful place in Lincoln, NE called The Cat House that put them on their waiting list. After several months their number came up & I was able to bring them to the shelter! I decided to take them to the vet first so they would be all up-to-date on their shots, etc. & that's when we sadly found out that Morris had FIV. The Cat House has a room for FeLV cats but not FIV cats so they could not take Morris. They did however tell me about a wonderful place called

Rustic Hollow Shelter in Iowa which is a sanctuary for special needs cats. They have several acres out in the country & 5 different home-like buildings with outdoor enclosures for the cats to come & live out their lives in peace & get loved on by daily volunteers. I called them & they said they could take Morris so we were all set - yay!

I took my daughter out of school one Friday & we made the day-long road trip to Lincoln first to drop Gypsy off, then on to Nashua, IA to drop Morris off. Morris has adjusted wonderfully at Rustic Hollow & is happily living with all his new friends & still not showing any signs of illness! I've been keeping tabs on Gypsy checking the Cat House's website page listing the cats for adoption. I checked it today & got worried because I couldn't find her on the page! I was afraid maybe something had happened to her or she got sick or something. She had only been there barely 2 months so I thought there was no way she could be adopted already but I clicked on the "adopted cats" page & there she was!!! I am SO happy for her! She is now where she belongs~in a nice home with a loving owner safe & warm! Good for you sweet Gypsy!

Just wanted to share their story with you. Check out the Cathouse & Rustic Hollow websites~they are both wonderful places!


snippetgirl said...

This kind of happy ending cat story always makes me cry!!!! Thank you for taking care of them and making all of those efforts to get them rescued. I am definitely going to check out those websites...i am always getting pleas for help with FIV cats.
Yeah for Gypsy and Morris!!!! You are their angel.

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Jill, what a lovely story, and what a kind person you are for taking in these kittens when they needed someone's care. It warms my heart to have read this. Thankyou for sharing and thankyou for entering my blog giveaway. Good luck!

Linda said...

Jill, what a great ending to all your love and care that was showered upon Gypsy and Morris. There are not many people that would do what you did. Thanks for sharing!!