Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Pansies...and a BLIZZARD!

Happy Friday all! It's sleeting like crazy outside right now! I love it! We're actually under a "blizzard warning" here in south central Kansas & expected to get a ton of snow between now & tomorrow night. My daughter & I laughed yesterday when we heard all the radio announcements & hullabaloo about the big storm headed our way. Ha! We do get snow but not a heck of a lot & it never hangs around long before it melts. When I hear reports like this I always think "I'll believe it when I see it". Well, I might be believin' it this time! There's at least 1/2 inch of sleet covering the roads & it's now turning over to snow. I did get out this morning & buy more dog food (we were almost out), cat food & more snacky stuff at the store so that's good. I called the high school & gave my oldest daughter permission to come home early. She's a sweet 16 brand new driver so I was nervous but she made it home fine. I still have to get out a bit later & pick up my middle schoolers. Yuck~it's gonna be a mess! I need to mail a painting too so hopefully I can manage to stop by the grocery post office on the way.

Here is my new painting "Pot of Pansies" up for auction this evening on ebay! The blue in it is really much bluer in person. This camera I use does not do blue very well for some reason. Anyway, I was inspired by all the spring pansies I've seen popping up everywhere. They're so pretty in all their different colors! Keep warm, drive safe & have a wonderful weekend!!!

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island sunshyne said...

Hello Jilly (I can't resist...every time I see your name, I have to add a "Y" at the end)! What a beautiful new painting - you did a wonderful job at capturing the look of a pansy! I haven't been over to eBay in you also have an Etsy shop? Do you sell much over there? I was selling on eBay for a really long time but it seems that many have migrated over to Etsy...I'm having a hard time keeping up with all this internet stuff!

Hope you and your family are doing well and keeping safe and warm during all this inclement weather. I am in awe that you manage to crank out so many paintings even though you are a busy mom with so many responsibilities! (Kind of puts me to shame...we have no children to speak of, save for our kitty Grace, but some days, it is so hard for me to find time to paint!).

Have a wonderful week!