Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas!

Hi people! I've been busy working on a couple of commissioned paintings this week so the blog's been a little neglected. I also don't have anything new to list on ebay at the moment but I hope to by this weekend.

Last weekend we met some good friends in the little Kansas town of Cottonwood Falls. We did lots of hiking in the Flint Hills & it was just beautiful out there! Perfect weather, no bugs & just so peaceful & relaxing. I've driven through the Flint Hills hundreds of times going back & forth from Kansas City (where I grew up & still have family) & never thought much of them but now I have a whole new appreciation for them! I guess I needed to just get out of the car & actually walk around IN the Flint Hills. It's a whole different perspective. We all stayed at the Stonehouse Bed & Breakfast & it was a great night of drinking wine & hanging with good friends! It's good to get away from the kids once in a while & just have some fun!

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Dr. Bill ;-) said...

Thank you for sharing your experience!

Positive mention of the Kansas Flint Hills always gets my attention.
Hope your readers will stop by for a visit; a truly distinctive place!

Dr. Bill ;-)

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