Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a life...

Howdy all! I often look at my cats when they're snoozing & think how nice it would be to just lie around & take a nice long nap without a care in the world. I could take a nap every afternoon if the opportunity arose! For some reason, right around 3 o'clock I always get sleepy. It doesn't matter how much sleep I've had the night before or what I'm doing. I always know when it's around 3:00 because I suddenly feel like I've been drugged. Strange. Unfortunately that's when I need to leave to pick up the kiddos from school. Too bad I'm not a cat.

Here is Zoolou in her favorite sleeping pose on the couch (she has claimed one end all to herself) & here's Markie helping me fold towels. What is it with cats & towels? My 2 will come running as soon as I bring a basket out to the living room & proceed to flop down on each towel I lay out to fold. Most of the time they aren't even warm still so I don't know what the attraction is. They must think it's playtime or something. I'll cover one up with a towel & then they'll swat at each other playing hide & seek. It's so funny. I should videotape them sometime.

Happy Tuesday to all! I'm off to start another painting!

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snippetgirl said...

How cute are they????!! So precious. I am totally with you on the afternoon catnap. I look around and all 6 of mine are snoozing comfortably and i always want to curl up with them....sometimes i do :)!