Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cat Nappers & Doggy Bandanas!

Thought I would show you my latest crafty creations ~ cute little Cat Napper Pads & Doggy Bandanas. I'm scrambling to get as many as I can finished before I head to the Humane Society tomorrow for my animal handling class so I can bring them with me. They're easy & fun to make & the gal at the H.S. said they LOVE to get them! It's another way I can volunteer right here at home. The kitties can always use comfy little pads to nap on & maybe they will look more adoptable if they're lounging on fashion fabrics - ha! They always try to keep bandanas on all the dogs too, especially black ones. They say a black dog's face just gets lost in that dark fur & bright colored bandanas help by drawing attention to it!

The Cat Nappers are reversible with different fabrics on each side. I like to put fleece on 1 side (what cat doesn't like fleece?) but it's a little harder to work with because it's stretchy. So what if it's a little crooked? The cats won't care ~ it's warm & cozy! I do have to give my sister credit ~ she made the red, white & blue ones on each end plus others not pictured.

I finished the commissioned painting I was doing so hopefully I'll get busy with some new paintings. School just started yesterday for my kids so we're back in to the busy schedule mode (& trying to keep my son caught up with his homework)! Have a great week! xoxopurrrrxoxo

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Janine said...

That´s cool animal fashion!