Thursday, August 27, 2009

Official Volunteer!

Me in my cool new shirt!
Hello beautiful people! I am proud to annouce I have officially grajeeated from Humane Society Volunteer School! (I always loved how Jethro said grajeeated on the Hillbillies~ha!)

Yesterday I had my personal interview & we went over my designated duties. When I came I had a list of areas I wanted to work in but I left with a completely different job! I am a "Greeter" & "Computer Attendant". The coordinator told me they were REALLY in need of volunteers in those areas & though I would prefer to "Cat Socialize" & tidy up Kitty Cities I was happy to help out where they need it most. I will be greeting people as they come in, answering any initial questions & directing them where they need to go. I'll also be helping potential adopters fill out forms & look up "on deck" animals on the website that aren't showcased out front. I'll be doing this for a 2 hour shift twice a week. Our new facility is so big apparently people come in & just don't know where to go or what to do first. If they have to wait around for someone to help them they might get frustrated & leave & we DON'T want that! So...that's what I'm going to help with. I can always kitty cuddle & socialize any other time I want so that'll be fun! And 1 of the Kitty City's is right by the front entrance where I'll be so I can pop in there & love on the kitties when it's slow. I was also put on the "TAG" list which is the Animal Transport Team that drives animals to other shelters & rescue places when needed. And of course I'll keep making kitty nap pads & bandanas for the doggies. I brought all my nap pads with me to the interview & they let me go around & place them wherever I wanted in the kitty cities. One kitty jumped right on top of one & lay down! So sweet.

Well, that's my news for today. Hope to get a new painting done by the end of the weekend! Had a lot of back-to-school meetings & things this week so haven't had much studio time. I'm ready to do some fun fall themes! xoxox


snippetgirl said...

You are purrfectly awesome!!! And lookin' cute doing your great work!

Kaili said...

Hey Jill,

Thanks for letting me know. When I changed my blog address (I went to Settings >Publishing, then I just retyped over the old address with my preferred one. All my widgets and everything else stayed the same.

As you know though, although it looks like I have all my followers, Im not sure they are receiving my updates, so thats a litte bit of a worry now. I guess I will just ask everyone to refollow.

Anyhow, thanks for dropping and good luck if you decide to make the change!

Poppy Q said...

Well done Jill, you will be an awesome helper at the shelter and they are lucky to have such a special girl.