Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spooky New Frida Painting!

Frida's Fall Holidays
Happy Tuesday all! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my twins Kayla & Cole who turned 15 today! It seems like just yesterday I was taking them to kindergarten & now they're in high school! Where does the time go??? They had a fun joint get-together with friends at the ice rink to play Broomball last Saturday & tonight we'll go eat, do presents & of course pig out on cake & ice cream. Yummm! I guess we have to fit homework in there somewhere too - ugh.
Just finished my first Fall themed painting & here she is! I seem to be on a Frida kick here lately. She is just so interesting & fun to paint! She's posing here with her cat, Spook & the jack-o-lantern they just finished carving. Frida's from Mexico where they celebrate "Day of the Dead" but she did live in the United States for several years & I'm sure she just loved Halloween! I like to think she did anyway. Frida's Fall Holidays is up for grabs on ebay right now! Check her out!

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snippetgirl said...

She's gorgeous!! I am glad you are on a Frida kick!! I love your depictions of her :).
Happy Birthday to your twins!!!