Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Decor & Dish Duty!

My prim baker's rack
Brick shelf in our kitchen

Little antique table in our living room

Fireplace mantle in our kitchen

Thought I would share a few pictures of my fall/Halloween decorations with you. I love to make up little vignettes on my black bakers rack & various other tables & shelves. And I LOVE fall candle fragrances & stocked up on all my favs ~ mulled cider, pumpkin pie, streudel & spice, caramel vanilla custard ~ mmmmmmm! During the holidays I have a million candles going - ha. Now I just need to make a trip to the pumpkin patch & grab some pumpkins, gourds & a straw bale or 2 to do up the front yard! YAY for the first day of FALL! It was a perfect cool, brisk, sprinkly day!

I added another day on to my volunteering schedule at the Humane Society & today I had dish duty. I was excited to use the new high-tech dishwasher that comes on automatically when you close the door & has a short 4 minute cycle. I have to say I was a little disappointed with it though. It was no bigger than the one in my kitchen! One of the staff members told me it's really only good for the small kitty bowls & some of the little toys. You can't fit many of the big stainless steel litter pans or dog bowls in at a time so it's just as well to wash them by hand ~ which is what I did-about 75 of them! I was impressed with the humongo double sink & counter area but still... I was picturing a gigantic dishwasher I could put a hundred bowls in at a time! Oh well, it wasn't bad & I enjoyed it. After washing dishes in the tiny sink at their old building where you laid them on racks over an old bathtub to dry, this was wonderful! It was also nice hearing the staff members thank me over & over for doing the job! If no volunteers are there they have to do it & sometimes that means working overtime. If I can save the shelter some overtime pay that's great! Note to self: Bring my own rubber gloves & wear an apron! I managed to splatter bleach on my shirt!

After the dishes were done I headed to the laundry room. Now that's amazing! There are 2 giant washers & 2 giant dryers. I think you could fit 5 people in them - ha! Wish I had one!

Won't have much painting time this week. Getting ready for our annual Girl's Weekend at my sissy's house in Oklahoma City! Leaving Thursday & get back Sunday. Can't wait!


Rainey said...

Hi there!
I also adore the scented Autumnal candles one of my favs from Yankee Candle ( I used to have a shop & had a huge Yankee display) is Autumn Lodge (discont)& Spiced Pumkin.
Your home looks so welcoming & ooooh I can just smell the essence of Halloween that you've conjured up!


Janine said...

I love your halloween decoration. It looks phantastic.
I wish you a great weekend with the girls